GoControl 7 Day Thermostat - $17.00 Lowes (shipping avail)

In the Chicago IL 83rd and Stewart Lowes… Z-Wave Compatible!


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Darn it, this is one of those moments I consider moving to the US for the low prices.

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I’ll bite! I needed something, but with CoRE and ST, I don’t see a good reason to splurge on an ecobee or nest. I hope these work alright.

i currently have a filtrete wifi working with smarthings but this is too good to pass up

I ordered last night and it was canceled by Lowes today due to price mistake. At least they sent me an email explaining why.

I ordered two, and they are still in process…

We’ll see how it goes… :unamused:

Also still processing for 2 here

*Edit - Just got a tracking #

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Mine shipped today from Bolingbrook, IL

Ordered one for my dad today. Never got an email or anything but just looked at status in account and shows it was canceled.

Does this Thermostat work as Z-wave repeater when connected to power ?

still 2 available for $20 and comes with a free IRIS hub which I guess you could resell but unfortunately parcel shipping is not available.

It appears so - if powered through the C-Wire. The Installation Guide refers as follows:

Z-Wave Operation when Battery Powered
IMPORTANT: If the thermostat is installed on a Z-Wave network, while it is battery powered, it will
NOT work as a Z-Wave repeater.


+2 shipped from NV warehouse. (but no free IRIS hub offer when I placed my order a couple days ago)

My order from 12/12 for 2 of these thermostats was partially cancelled… they shipped 1 and cancelled the other.

Oh well… they still gave me the $15 off $50 so I really only paid $9+ for the one they did ship, so that is some consolation.

I would like to get 2 more of these, if the first works well that is.

Thank you guys, looks like I got lucky as the 2 I ordered are schedule day to arrive on Friday :smile:

What DTH to use with this?

The price is now $20 and come with a free iris hub! This is insane. The hub is listed at $15 from this same store in Chicago.

What would you use the hub for? it’s going to really a extra hub lying around…

Christmas is coming up…

Shipping not available😭