Go Control battery thermostat partially works

I’ve connected a GoControl battery powered thermostat to my hub but when I view it via the app all the settings appear to be blank. The thermostat is working great controlling a gas fireplace but I have not access to the status of the thermostat or the current settings.

Is the device just not supported or only supported when it is powered with something other than the battery power

It sounds like the custom handlers for the CT100 devices should work for this device.

I use @RBoy’s with my ct100:

Otherwise I know there are some free ones floating around as well:



The ct100 codes did work with it, but the thermostat didn’t fit my needs.

I finally settled on the Honeywell 8320 zwave.


Can I ask what about it didn’t fit your needs? or rather what the 8320 has that the gocontrol doesn’t?

I don’t have the go control version, but afaik they are identical to the c100 which I have 2 of and are working fine for me.

No problem…

This is what I finally decided I was looking for in an integrated thermostat. I started with Wi-Fi models.

1 - remote operation and monitoring
2 - fully programmable, both remotely (zwave/Wi-Fi) and at the device
3 - fully operational on and off network
4 - real life response to remote commands
5 - remote operation from within my home automaton app (I do not like changing apps to do things)

The goControl met 1, 5 , & half of 3

The kill blow was the extremely slow response time to remote commands.

The Honeywell 8320z meet all of these requirements and I got mine for about $110.00 each.

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the problem I have with the Honeywell vs the ct100 is that they require a 24v wire where the ct100 don’t. yes you can add a wiresaveer module , but I have in floor heat with 5 thermostats. you cannot add 5 wiresaver modules.

I’ve never added any custom device type. Where would I find info on how to add the code?


Yeah, that is true… Fyi, I bought mine on Amazon… Both of them came with the wire saver module included… I don’t use them.

Start here.

Let me know if you have any questions. I can’t code(definitely not well enough to advertise that I can :confused:) and the IDE is pretty easy to use. The community device handlers, and smartapps are where SmartThings really shines. Without really knowing much about coding you can change the way smartapps look/layout/organization/size of tiles, and so much more.

Without them, I don’t know that I would use this platform…

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I installed this, it suddenly stopped working why?

Following… Mine too