GoControl WD500Z-1 dimmer switch turning itself on in the middle of the night by itself!

This happened about a week ago at 4am and happened this morning at 2:25am. Here is the device log - you can see how quickly I hopped out of bed to shut it off:

|Date|Source|Name|Value|Displayed Text|
|2018-03-12 2:25:40.595 AM EDT|DEVICE|switch|off|Bedroom #1 Light switch is off|
|2018-03-12 2:25:28.869 AM EDT|DEVICE|level|99|Bedroom #1 Light level is 99|
|2018-03-12 2:25:19.820 AM EDT|DEVICE|switch|on|Bedroom #1 Light switch is on|
|2018-03-12 2:25:19.817 AM EDT|DEVICE|level|65|Bedroom #1 Light level is 65|
|2018-03-12 2:25:17.668 AM EDT|APP_COMMAND||setLevel|Master Bedroom Light Control sent setLevel command to Bedroom #1 Light|
|2018-03-12 2:25:16.575 AM EDT|DEVICE|switch|off|Bedroom #1 Light switch is off|
|2018-03-12 2:25:16.535 AM EDT|DEVICE|switch|on|Bedroom #1 Light switch is on|

For some reason it decided to turn itself on at 2:25:16.535 and immediately back off at 2:25:16.575. This in of itself wouldn’t likely be seen, due to how quickly it happened. The problem is turning the light on triggers my WebCore string. I have two pedestal lights in our bedroom - one is on a switched outlet that this GE switch is controlling. The other is on a plug in dimmer switch. My string is Webcore basically has the light set to 100% whenever the switch is turned on and then Bedroom Light #2 follows whatever Bedroom Light #1 is doing.

I set this up at least 6 months ago (probably longer), and it has worked fine, with the only issue being sometimes there is a delay with the 2nd light following - anywhere from 1 to 8 seconds. This is a new issue that has sprung up.

I do no have any lighting controls that are allowed to turn this light on. The only automated control would be to turn the light off when the alarm arms.

I’m not using any special device handlers - just the Generic Z-wave dimmer switch.

Any ideas? I’d be super happy to not have this happen ever again.

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I decided to look for any device handlers specific to this switch. All of my other (numerous) switches in the house are the GE stuff. This is the only handler I found, so I’ll try it out:

I’ve never had this issue with my GE gear - though it has never been in such a place where it would be noticed when switched on. I have a GE fan control switch and my bedroom fan never comes on by itself…

My suspicion is the device lost connection, and it turns on and off rapidly to confirm reconnection. My suggestion is to put a 1 sec or even 200ms delay on the switch-on trigger with a cancel by off to eliminate the possibility of it happening again.