Gocontrol Door sensor always shows open

Hello folks,

I’m new to Smartthings, I have bough gocontrol kit(both $100 and $50 when there was a deal).

I’ll post exact steps I took, so if I’m wrong somewhere you guys can tell me…

When I started to integrate Gocontrol kit($100), Door sensors went great and for motion and siren I used code available in community (My Monoprice Motion Sensor v2 and Linear Z-Wave Siren v3). And they are working great. Then I set up “Smart Home Monitor” and ARM/AWAY/DISARM works great.

But when i started to add Door sensor from other small kit($50), device gets detected as door sensor alright, but it always stays open.
No matter where the magnet is, close or far, it’s status doesn’t change in SM.

What could be wrong?
Please let me know if I needed to provide any more details for support.

re pair it to the network. I have had several Aeons that would show open and wouldnt change state. I removed and repaired and did it a few times until they worked.

I did try removing and adding them few times(7 to 8 times). But It still didn’t work. Let me try to see if there’s any settings for ‘repair’ in smartthings app…
I apologize for my little familiarity with ST platforms. I have just started… and I’m around 3 days old…

No problem we have all been there.

do this
set the phone app in connect new device mode and while it is looking take the battery out of the sensor and put it back in while oyu hold the pairing button on the device then when the battery is in let go of the button. it will flash and when it goes solid try it (it will not show as a new device in the app it just repairs)


Thank for suggenstion, unfortunately I’m not seeing anything.
I tried both ways, as you suggested and also z-wave repair from my hubs->Utilities->repair z-wave network

Nothing Happens…there’s no logs in live logging as well…

may be a bad sensor…

This kit has 2 door sensor and One motion sensor and both door sensors are behaving the same…
I thing something is wrong in the way I’m working…

Does having set up “Smart Home Monitor” affects it? How can I remove that?

no it does not. SHM just looks at their state it does not control how it talks to the network

The sensor has 2 lines on one of its sides, but they’re kind of hard to see. Did you align the magnet piece between those lines on the same side?

@krlaframboise Yes I have make sure I’m using the right side…

@keltymd : After hitting z-wave repairs many times(I Lost count), it miraculously started working…

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I have been having issues with joining devices today. I put the app in join mode but noticed my hub did not flash the green light or would flash like 2 times then go green where it is not looking any more. Maybe part of your issue

I just added GoControl Door and Motion sensor and it worked at first attempt, unlike the last one… :slightly_smiling:

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I too am having issues with the gocontrol window door sensors. I bought the premium kit from Home Depot which came with the siren, motion sensor and three window/door sensors. I’m only having issues with the door and window sensors though. They pair up fine when i’m near the hub and they’re snappy to update but when I move them to their location they don’t seem to communicate. I tried pairing at the location instead in which they’ll be located but the hub can’t find the device. The motion sensors pair up anywhere in the house without any issues.

This is the standard troubleshooting checklist. Might be of interest:

And here are the instructions for the zwave repair utility:

(GoControl devices are all Zwave.)

Thanks JD,

I will try this and see if it helps. I too am very new to smartthings and home automation in general. I need to do some homework :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sweet! I will check that out as well.

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Any luck here with the conctact sensors? I originally got a set of 3, 2 of them worked. They work perfectly on my doors, no problems. One wouldn’t detect closed status. They sent me a replacement, it didn’t pair with the system at all. Tried all configurations of battery insertion and switch pressing you can imagine. They sent me a whole new set of 3 for free. I got 2 of these to pair but same issue of not detecting closed status. The third had the other issue of not pairing at all. Anyone have any luck getting broken gocontrol contact sensors to work?

Hi everyone. I struggled with these problems (GoControl contact door/window sensors being stuck on “open”) for awhile, and finally gave up. I got the box back out and tried again today. After more of the same, I sheepishly realized I simply needed to click the back cover/plate onto the half with the battery in it.
I just came on to publicly admit that in case that is all that’s wrong in someone else’s situation.

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Bringing back an old thread…
I have a similar issue. I replaced all of the batteries and now all of my contact sensors do not work. Very frustrated as one reported a false state setting my alarm off twice…

I am not sure where to go here because I have put so much money into these sensors as they worked great for a long time then just stopped working…
Any ideas?