Z-wave GoControl sensor device reset?

Hello all!
I am new to smartthings and I was able to connect couple of sensors to my doors( go control z-wave sensors).
One question I had is how do I reset these sensors? I checked the documentation and it only says that I should press the tamper switch once and it will go into inclusion mode, but instead it is in tamper mode(led constantly on)
Any help is appreciated.

I’ve found that you sometimes have to use your fingernail or something to push the tamper in deeper.

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I tried pressing it for 10 sec, the led is still on constantly. Not blinking.
Anyone had the same issue?

what happens when you put the cover on? Have you tried removing the battery for about 15 seconds?

Have you tried pairing it while the light was solid? If so, what happened, did it just not find any new devices?

Once the device is paired, the light stays solid, are you sure that it didn’t get partially paired? Usually if that happens when you go to add a new device it will show you a “thing” that’s unconfigured.

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Reporting back
I finally was able to solve this. Thanks Kevin!
The led was constantly on and smartthings was looking for “things” constantly. But I closed the app, then went back again and found that it has identified the sensor as un-configured.

So the issue is with the app, it finds the device but does not stop looking! Solution : if the app takes a long time and the led is constantly lit, close the app and re-open it and you should find it in the list of devices.

FYI, the default DTH doesn’t raise any events when it checks in so if you want to be able to monitor the device to make sure it’s still online, there’s a GoControl Door/Window sensor DTH in my SmartThings Repository on GitHub.