Go Control Security Suite with ST

I was wondering if the GOCONTROL WNK01-311KIT Premium Z-Wave Home Security Suite will work with the Smart Things hub? I’m trying to decide between Wink2 and ST. It seems they both have some pluses and minuses but one thing that I found odd was people stating the ST sensors that are included in the home security and monitoring kit don’t work very well. I thought it might be better to just buy the ST hub and then get the Go Control kit and maybe it would be more reliable??? Plus this kit comes with an extra D/W sensor and siren. No plug in module but I plan to add some switches anyway so not sure what I’ll use the plug in for.

These are all popular budget devices and many people use them with SmartThings. The only thing is that low cost Z wave sensors tend to be slightly slower than zigbee sensors in the same price range, although maybe only by a second or so. They are also typically larger then the zigbee sensors. For both reasons, I think the Lowe’s Iris zigbee sensors in the same price range are a little more popular. But the GoControl still good budget devices.

Nortek is one of the largest manufacturers of Z wave devices. They sell their devices under several different brand names, including two gig, Linear, Nutone, and GoControl. The Z wave ones are all the same devices, typically with the same model number, just in a different box and with a different brand label stuck on. So any discussion you see in the forums about Linear devices also applies to the gocontrol with the same model number. :sunglasses:

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So you would recommend getting the ST hub and buy the Iris Sensors from Lowe’s? Does this go for all Iris devices as well (flood, motion, A/C plugs, garage door…)?


At the present time I’m not recommending any specific home automation system. Each has pluses and minuses, and it just depends on your own priorities. Some people are fine with a very powerful system that requires ongoing fiddly maintenance. Others want something that is “set and forget,” even if it has fewer features. :sunglasses:

As far as individual devices, I know some people like to pick a brand and stick with it, personally, I look at every use case individually, so I have a lot of different brands depending on the specific features needed for each use case.

The following is a good discussion of various device features and why you might care about them:

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