GoControl Sensors/Siren?

There’s a really really sweet deal over at wink.com right now for 2 GoControl packages of sensors.

3 contact sensors, a motion sensor and siren - $100

2 contact sensors and a motion sensor - $50

I can’t find much about Go Control on the interwebs. Anyone have any info? is this 2GIG? Probably a good chance these will work with ST. They look like the Ecolink or other generic sensors. That price is fantastic.

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According to the user docs, they’re rebranded Linears (same as 2Gig, good catch). All zwave devices. Support is provided by Nortek–that’s Linear’s new more searchable name. The motion sensors are linear WADWAZ 1. I haven’t looked up the siren.

The Linears aren’t on the official “works with SmartThings” list, I’m not sure if there are any incompatibilities.

Individual price is typically around $50 each, although the siren is often thrown in as a freebie in a security kit with 3 of the others. Even so, $100 for 4 sensors and a siren is indeed a really good deal. :blush:

And here is more on Nortek’s very complicated branding strategy. Linear (now Nortek) is intended to be sold to pro installers, while GoControl will be sold at retail as a DIY brand, and 2Gig remains the monitored security offering. Elan is a separate brand for high end products. But many standard items like contact sensors are the same devices, just rebranded.


I just received mine this weekend. Pairing wasn’t too difficult, but I’m not sure exactly how to use it with the Wink app.

All of the devices are recognized individually (motion sensors, alarms, etc). I can set multiple robots to trigger the siren when motion is detected or a door sensor is tripped, but there’s no way to group arm/disarm the system.

Any suggestions?

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Do you have a SmartThings hub? SmartThings doesn’t use the Wink robots, it has its own schedulers.


Has anyone been able to get the GoControl Siren to work? I tried adding it as a Z-Wave Siren, but I could not control many of the features it offers. I could only set it off, or turn it off. I should be able to set it to “Siren, Strobe, or Both”, set the alarm timeout to either “30,60, or 120 Seconds”, and read the “Battery Status”.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, were you ever able to get this figured out? I’m in the same boat, I have multiple sensors and an alarm, and would like to be able to group robots or create a shortcut that activates them all together.
Hope you got it figured out, I’d love to hear how you did it!

Tell me somebody has these figured out. I wound up getting 6 of these bundles ( one for each room) . They are the heart of my system. Believe me with 6 of the sirens/strobes going off it will definitely get your attention. I was able to pair the PIR as a generic multisensor with my A+ and the Siren as a siren . Everything works including temperature. I can’t use temp as a trigger, but can get a push notification for temp changes. I can’t choose siren or strobe for alarm, it is all or nothing. Then again I never really played with them once they were set up.

So now here I am patiently waiting for my V2 to ship/arrive and all I can find on these 2Gig,Gocontrol,Linear, ( whatever they are labeled next week) sets is that nobody can seem to get them to work in ST.

I am really starting to second guess my decision to jump on ST, just so I can get Harmony and Echo integration.

Check and see if these are a rebranded WA105DBZ. (Look at the device and the manual, not the box.)

If they are, they pair as a on/off simple switch. On turns the siren on. That should work with SmartThings as best as I can tell.


The open question is whether you’ll be able to change the parameters to get access to the other features as described in the manual. That I don’t know. It would require a custom device type.

Anyone tried all of this and got them working?

D/W sensors work fine and pair as generic Z-wave D/W sensor .
Sirens pair as a Z-wave switch , works ,but no way to switch between strobe and siren. All or nothing.
PIR pairs as a Aeon multisensor and detects both motion and temp as it should.

I am still <24hrs with ST , so still experimenting and trying to figure everything out. It doesn’t help that I have 2.02 on and old GS4 and 1.75 on the FirePhones ,keep bouncing back and forth trying to get everything working

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The D/W sensors and siren pair by opening the battery cover and pushing in the " tamper button" for 2 seconds then releasing, after hub is in exclude/pair mode. However the PIR is different it has a small paperclip hole in the middle left side of the back cover that you press for about 2 seconds and release to put in pairing mode.

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Thank you @RLDreams, i will buy some of these sensor this week if they work as you said :smile:

I bought a package of two sensors and one motion detector at Home Depot today for $50. All connected immediately to ST. The motion detector was recognized as an “Aeon” multi sensor. The door/window sensors as generic Z-wave sensors. Great deal! Very happy! I’ll be going back for more.


Do they show battery status?

Yes, the battery status is shown. The motions sensor does not show all it is capable of though. And I bought another kit that came with the siren/strobe. It shows up on ST as a sensor. I had to play with it a bit but it does work as a siren/strobe when properly configured.

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Siren pairs as just a generic zw switch and works fine. Only problem is that you can’t get into its setting to choose strobe or siren only. It is all or nothing

PIR shows motion , temp and battery level. How much more do you want it to show ?

I just saw this on Home Depot Canada Website…
sweet deal

Just picked up the $50 bundle at HD. The PIR sensor is showing motion and temp but isn’t showing the battery level. Anyone have this problem?

A few people mentioned the same problem, you can try pulling the cover off for a minute and putting it back on, or unpaired repair. Some others mentioned that it may just take a while to report. Mine is working fine

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You could try this device type Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

I ended up modifying the aeon code to take out the tiles that aren’t used for my own