Wink 2 Hub failed after update, how is SmartThings with:

I have a remote environment with Verizon DSL, Wink 2, Nest Outdoor Camera, Hue hub, GE Smart bulbs, GoControl motion sensor and GoControl window/door sensors. I also have a couple GoControl sirens.

I looked at the threads for devices and did not see the GE and GoControl mentioned. Can SmartThings use them?

Yes, it can. GoControl motion appears as an AEON multi and acts local.
For the GE bulbs you need a device handlers, and they act locally as well. I can’t seem to find it, though, so maybe it is already supported by ST or someone else can chip in.
The contact sensors are recognized as well.
For the siren, you need this handler:

GE Link bulbs are natively supported by ST, as local devices in Hub v2. No custom device handler needed.

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Thanks to both experts who answered so quickly! It is possible to set up a ST hub to control the same local devices as Wink at the same time? That would make transition much easier. I have a feeling the answer is no, as the lights/devices are paired to the hub.

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The answer is indeed, no. The short one.
Long one is, Zigbee devices can only pair to one device. Z-wave devices can be controlled by two controllers, but they are really only paired to one, while the controllers communicate in between each other.
Someone more knowledgeable might explain it better or if I am wrong but in the end, no, you cannot pair the devices to both Wink and ST to make your transition easier. If you have a good number of devices, then I would suggest to clear out one day and give it a go.


I believe the default timeout for the GoControl Motion Sensor is 4 minutes so if you want to change it, you can use the DTH below. After changing the timeout, you can switch back to the AEON multi if you want it to run locally.

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Thanks to everyone who has responded. I have acquired a ST hub, installed it, and now have it controlling all my lights at home, one GoControl Motion Sensor and door sensor.

I have set up two routines, one for when the door opens and one for when it closes, to turn on a light and turn it off.

It seems much slower than Wink. How can I determine if this is happening locally?

I think the motion sensors are too slow to be useful for things like turning on lights, but the contact sensors have been working great for me. I’m using my own DTH and my own SmartApp so they’re not running locally, but they still turn the light on within 1 second.

To answer your original question, you can see which devices are running locally by logging into your IDE and going to:

Even if your device is shown as being able to run locally, it will only run locally if you’re using the SmartApp Smart Lighting and possibly SHM.

Thanks for getting me to look at Smart Lighting. It had a feature I was looking for, that of turning off a light when motion stops. I also like the way it consolidates the actions.

But I don’t see any local devices listed on my local device list. Now I think it may be because they care Cree bulbs. However, I have another location where I have GE Link bulbs, so I am hoping they will be local there. This is all new to me. Why would Cree bulbs not be local when there is no Cree hub?

SmartThings won’t provide a complete list of which device handlers run locally or explain the logic behind why some do and others don’t.

The GE Link bulbs run locally by default, but to get the Cree bulbs to run locally you have to use a different DTH.

I know that you used to be able to use the “SmartPower Dimming Outlet” DTH with the Cree bulbs to get them to run locally, but I haven’t tried it in a while.

The url to your local device list depends on which server your account is on so it could be any of these urls:

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The go control motion sensors are not very good for turning on lights… They are very slow.

I used the iris motion sensors from lowers all over my house… The ones in the purple boxes.

They respond very fast and timeout is about 15 - 20 seconds.

  1. GoControl sensors are not fast to detect motion. You can only judge speed by the time the sensor’s light comes on and then the response to the motion.

  2. You can use the Cree bulbs with the GE Link device handler and they will work locally. Here’s a list of devices and handlers known to be local: FAQ: CONFIRMED: Local Processing - Working Device Handlers

  3. SmartLighting and Smart Home monitor are the only locally executed smartapps. I would try and keep everything local if possible.

  4. If you are using a device handler for the motion sensor, it won’t be local. Use the AEON multi device handler and it will be local.

Thank you. My GoControl sensors appear to trigger a light on almost
instantaneously. But your comments lead me to believe that I cannot use GE
link lights ‘out of the box’. Is this correct? I need to prepare for a Wink
to ST transition with GE link bulbs at my second location.

yes, you CAN use GE link bulbs right out of the box with ST… They are just buggy… that’s all. some users have had them randomly drop off the mesh and become unresponsive…

but, when they work, they work great

That is good news. The reason I was worried is because I did not see GE Link in the list when adding a light bulb manually like I did for Cree. If I did want to add the GE Link manually, which was what I needed to do for Cree (or perhaps I was not patient) what would I select?

Thanks for your response. I now have my home migrated to ST and am planning my cabin which has the GE Link lights.

just go to the bottom of your things list and click add device

Thanks, I will. What would happen if I selected Cree for GE Link, just curious? Some posters here have said the drivers are interchangeable.

I’m pretty sure all of your bulbs will blow out

After a while in here, you will understand @bamarayne’s sens of humor. As a matter of fact, I suggest you add the Cree bulbs, and then go into the IDE and change the handler to a GE Link. They will work normally and act locally in your hub.