GO Control issue

(Clifford F Larsson) #1

I have a Go Control garage door opener that I have been using for 6 mos. without issue. Recently (through my Wink app) I tried opening the door and received a fault warning stating sensors flashing lights or alarms were not operating, check door clearance, no problem while testing sensors. First I removed tilt sensor and manually operated door and sensor displayed correctly, second, unpaired unit and paired (alarm would sound no flashing light). third, performed factory reset (press button 5 times) and paired unit again. Only alarms sounds, app displays door position correctly when operating door manually. Haven’t found any info on flashing light issues, any thoughts.

(Ray) #2

Just to be clear. Are you talking about Smartthings or Winks? If it’s smartthings then possible it’s a mesh issue? Anything changed recently on your end such as moving a hard wired z-wave device to another location? Try doing a z-wave repair.

(Clifford F Larsson) #3

I’m using a Wink hub. I do have a network repeater nearby, I’ll move it and see if that helps.

(Ray) #4

This is a SmartThings forum so it would be better if you ask in the Winks forum. There are way more experience users with Winks there for sure.

(Realy Living Dream) #5

Well I’d start there. Replace the hub with something that works, see if the problem still exists.

(Clifford F Larsson) #6

Nothing wrong with the hub, it operates lights,door locks, thermostats, outlets, all from my Amazon echo. I came to this forum because it is a Z wave device so the platform doesn’t matter.

(Realy Living Dream) #7

Actually what hub you are using can make all the difference in the world. There are probably at least 3 or 4 different device handlers on ST for it & they all work differently.
So the reply is the same. If you want to diagnose a Wink issue with a device you should be asking Wink


I know it’s frustrating, but with the multiprotocol hubs like wink and SmartThings, the hub that you’re using does make a big difference. And it’s even more true for cloud-based systems. It’s not a vanilla Z wave implementation. And that’s especially true for something which was working just fine and then stopped working.

Since you’ve only had the GoControl device for six months, I would get in touch with their support. Although they may just direct you back to wink.

GoControl support:


Wink support: