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Can GoGontrol Thermostat (GC-TBZ48L) be added to SmartThings?

(Greg) #1

I’m migrating from Iris, and decided to upgrade to mesh network along with getting a new Smart Home hub. I bought SmartThings WiFi (3-pack), which includes Smart Home Hub in each of the three devices. My existing GoControl GC-TBZ48L is Z-Wave, but is not one of the nine listed compatible thermostats, and there is no “generic Z-Wave thermostat” option. Anyone know of a way to connect it?

I’ve seen other posts about this thermostat, so it must have worked with SmartThings Connect, or SmartThings Classic, but it doesn’t seem to be supported in the app that I was directed to use. If no one can help, I’ll have a pretty nice thermostat for sale on e-bay.

(sidjohn1) #2

I’m pretty sure this is the thread you’re looking for. I would double check with the author to verify support for your device as access to this code is not free, but does include support.

(Greg) #3


I’ll take a look.

(Steven Green) #4

@GregLNT Is it this one?

The fingerprint for that device is added explicitly in the “Z-Wave Battery Thermostat” DTH and I’ve had one on my desk. We definitely support it in Classic, but you might run into some trouble in the new app, I haven’t checked lately.

(Greg) #5

Yes, that’s the one. The model number has an “L” at the end, which I assume represents “Lowes,” because it was packaged for Iris by Lowes. In the SmartThings app, it appears that my only options are as shown below. It’s hard to believe that the nine thermostats listed are the only ones that will work.

(Jimmy) #6

just pick one of the other z-wave options. That puts the hub into general inclusion mode for any z-wave or zigbee device.