Globe Suite and ST Integration

Cool, I was wondering where this was buried.

It’ll be great if other folks submitted tickets with ST as well to move things faster along. Feel free to reference my initial existing ticket:

“863013 | sconnect19122700170“


I have logged one with ST too. Hope they fix it soon or contact Globe Suite so they can.

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Response from ST rep:

In regards to your query, we can see that you have already added the devices by checking with our community forums. As the devices are not compatible with SmartThings. We request you to please check with them and try adding the devices back.

Seems like this guy has no idea what’s happening, but Global Suite is compatible with SmartThings as it’s a service they offer connectivity too. And it’s working with Google Home and other places. Seems like a ST issue. Pushing back let’s see what he says. Anybody else have any luck?

The support person is probably looking at the list of officially compatible devices from the “WWST“ (works with SmartThings) list, which is devices that were tested in the smartthings lab by smartthings employees.

But there are literally dozens of other devices which will appear in the new V3 smartthings app because their own manufacturers have provided an integration. So you have to go to that device manufacturer because they are providing and maintaining the code for those. But a lot of the people on the support line now don’t even use smartthings and don’t have any idea about this distinction. :disappointed_relieved:

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I have also emailed Globe Suite (
My reference is [#80907].

Hopefully we will hear back from them soon.

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I truly believe what you are saying, but that must be a joke from Samsung and ST.

Have you seen the job add on the ST site for support engineers? It has a clear requirement of the knowledge of ST and Home Automations generally.

I took a gamble and reached out to the President & CEO of Globe Suite, Eddie Weinstein. He replied within a couple of hours and has promised to get this resolved quickly. He has passed my details and issues on to their Vice President (who is in charge of their Smart Division) and promised they will be on it first thing in the morning. Hopefully this will result in a quick fix.


I believe that’s second tier support. The first tier is just general Samsung staff. For example, one asked a friend of mine where their virtual switch had been purchased. :scream:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I can’t stop laughing.


Really bad news I’m afraid:

Quote from the email I just received:

" the integration should have not been made accessible to the public as it is currently still in Trial-Run (testing phase).

I am in communications with both our SmartThings/Developer Teams – We will temporarily disable the App integration shortly until all technical issues are fixed.

I will advise you once all functionalities are realized and the integration is ready to go live".


Bad news, but good to have the information. Thanks for pursuing this.

Hi Flakie99,

Thank you for opening this thread and bringing this to our attention.

The Globe Suite and SmartThings integration is not fully ready and is currently in it’s final testing stage.

We are sorry for the troubles, our team is working very hard to have the bugs addressed ASAP.

For any additional questions or concerns, you can reach out to us at

Thank you,


By the way, that explains this.

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If you would do remove now the integration even temporarily, then please drop an email to your users.
Otherwise you would might end up with more frustrated users.
People seems to be already really happy with your integration. It is a major feature towards Tuya integration.
Thanks for your consideration! And keep up with the good work!

Best Regards,



Thanks for the reply. It has more technical value than the one I just received from ST support, who I provided the exact same information to, and link to this thread, but they suggested I clear the cache for the app!
But to say I am not disappointed would be an understatement.
The option to integrate was in the apps. I bought a ST hub and 2 motion sensors on the back of this.
I am today sending them back to Samsung as not fit for purpose and will expect a full refund.
As soon as the integration is working again, I may purchase them again, at hopefully a lower price. I refuse to have hardware sitting idly by that I cannot use as I intended.
I really liked the lights I bought but again I will be reassessing which hardware I buy in the future. A little knowledge is very valuable.

I am not happy and apologise if I come across as petulant but I do not have enough money to not use what I have wisely.

A few days ago, when the integration was working perfectly, before you changed whatever you did that broke it, I would have recomended both ST and GS. Now if anyone asks me my opinion on Smart Homes, Globe Suite and SmartThings I will tell them to just not bother and to keep clicking on the wall switch.

Hi again Flakie99,

It’s unfortunate that the Globe Suite app integration was launched prematurely within SmartThings, causing these issues. We’re sorry you had to deal with these difficulties and your frustration is understandable.

If you choose to use any Globe products again in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us again directly by phone or email regarding any issues such as this, or even just feedback that you feel could help us improve the app or products for yourself and others. We want to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Wishing you happy holidays, and keeping our fingers crossed that you don’t encounter any other tech issues in 2020!

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Hey Gabor,

The integration has unfortunately been alternating between available/unavailable throughout their testing and integration period. We’ve gotten in touch with them to avoid this kind of confusion among users.

We’ll make sure to send an email out once the Globe integration is officially available to the public and fully functional. (Although we’re ecstatic to hear that so far it is being enjoyed!)

Thank you so much for the feedback, and wishing you a happy remainder of the holiday season!


Indeed, people are very happy with your integration. Just as an example, one of the happy users.



Return labels printed and devices about to be packed.
Sending back to Samsung a hub and 2 motion detectors as they are not fit for the purpose I bought them for.
I cannot afford to pay for hardware that is going to be sitting idly while I await major companies to resolve their problems.
Should things ever get resolved then hopefully I will purchase again at a cheaper price or newer model (dependant on when this is ever resolved).

I shall be contacting the Samsung UK CEO to justify this decision.

Such a shame as this was all working with no issues before they made changes that broke it.

Should anyone wish to make similar complaints the contact details are below:

President and CEO of Globe Suite:
President of Samsung UK: