Globe Suite and SmartThings Integration Complete


Perhaps you should see the other threads. Every user is having issues.


I am having trouble connecting to outlets and light bulbs, official Globe Brand, only a dimmer switch is loading into ST after I authorize the GS binding and is listed as devices available in other countries. I’m in Canada. So far testing the dimmer with different combos of smartapps and sensors and it appears fully operational. The lightbulbs and outlets not showing up is my only concern so far.

Hey Grantsauto,

If the issue is with Globe branded products as you mentioned, I would suggest getting in touch with our customer support team directly by phone or email.

The issues users are experiencing with the completed integration are generally with non-Globe products. Our support team will speak with you to see what’s going on and get it resolved for you asap!

The team is available from 8am to 5pm eastern time. Hope to hear from you soon so we can help resolve this for you.


Hi Ken,

Thanks for letting us know! We did see that unfortunately users are still having issues.

Unfortunately this new integration does not support non-Globe branded products, and any issues with Globe products and the integration will be closely reviewed by our smart support team. We’ve updated our initial post with the detailed info from our smart customer support rep. In addition, we’ve sent out an email blast to SmartThings users as well to provide this information directly.

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Simple enough. Time to delete the Globe app, the globe devices, and account and use a different path. It seems strange that you’d abandon devices that work perfectly with your app.


It certainly makes sense to do that if you aren’t using globe devices.

Where I’m confused is anger directed towards one company for not supporting the devices of another company.

To me, that’s like someone knocking on the door of your house and then swearing at you because you won’t let them park their car in your driveway.

Just because something is possible doesn’t mean that there isn’t a cost to the owner of letting someone else use it, if only server resources in this case.

If you the homeowner then put up a locked gate at the end of your driveway to ensure that only the people you want to have parking in your driveway park in your driveway, again, I don’t think it makes sense for a neighbor to get even more angry.

The people you should be talking to are the ones who manufactured the device that you own, and ask them when they are going to provide smartthings integration.

Submitted with respect.


When their integration “accidentally” was up briefly in December, Merkury/Geeni devices worked with no issues. I’ve reached out to them more than a few times to express my frustration and also to inquire about when the Globe Suite app would integrate with ST again. They would respond, and kept giving me (incorrect) timeframes for when this integration would be available and reassured me that my integration would be available soon. So, I went out and purchased several more Merkury products in anticipation of this integration. Now, all of a sudden, they just exclude essentially identical devices that have been used in their app. That makes me pretty angry, and I think that’s reasonable to be.

Hi Philip,

We’re very sorry that the integration took longer than expected. Unfortunately there were certain aspects that were out of our hands.

The Globe Suite app was created to support Globe branded products. We understand your frustration in this situation, but our focus is on our Globe products and The Globe Suite app working together.

We unfortunately can’t offer support for third party products, and our customer support team would not be able to assist with any issues concerning 3rd party products. This was never an intentional function of the app.

Again, we’re truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and we hope that SmartThings will find a solution to your issue by providing future integrations with the brands you are using.

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I do understand the frustration, but I think at this point in the evolution of the entire home automation industry it’s best not to buy anything based on anticipation of future features, even if they’re only a few weeks off. You never know what will actually be delivered. :disappointed_relieved:


I am not angry with Globe. Disappointed, yes. Angry, no. They made a business decision to not pass control for 3rd party devices to SmartThings. It is interesting that my third party items do connect to the Globe app just fine, and are completely controllable with it. So they are good with controlling them, but not passing that control over to SmartThings. The other disappointing thing is that they used to work. Even when the integration was taken down, I could control all my non-globe devices with SmartThings. I was planning on using the integration as a backbone for WIFI device to SmartThings. Now it is time to go a different way.


We all know Globe products are just Tuya devices with the Globe logo slapped on them. What’s really disappointing about this is that Globe had to go out of their way to make sure that no other Tuya devices (that work perfect with their own app) work with the Smartthings integration. For anyone that’s upset about this, instead of just deleting the app, I’d suggest flooding the internet with bad reviews of Globe devices. Make sure they really feel it.


Globe is a separate company, founded in 1932 in Canada. They pay to use the Tuya IOT platform for their smart devices, as do many other companies. But based on the FCC licenses, the devices are not simply relabels of Tuya devices, they are independently designed and submitted by Globe Electric.

As far as trying to trash them on the Internet, again, to me that seems like punching your neighbor in the nose because they won’t let you park your car in their driveway. it’s their driveway. They don’t have any obligation to let you use their resources, including their server resources that support their integration.

If you want to be mad at somebody, be mad at the company that markets the device that you actually bought and complain about them not offering smartthings integration.

Submitted with respect.



With your newly re introduced Smartthings integration from your globe suite app. The connection has been lost to your globe bulbs. I have two products connected to your Globe Suite App on iOS. Globe retrofit led downlighting. Showing up as connected to ST and working. I also have two Globe led bulbs that are working in the Globe Suite app. But are not showing as available to ST.

These are globe branded bulbs in a 3 pack purchased from Costco. Please advise. I have added and removed them from your app and ST but still only the down lights show up in ST.

Please advise.


Richard Campbell


I’m also having a similar issue with the globe suite bulbs from the Source in Canada. Awesome they (GS) are making progress and almost there.

My issue has been resolved, my devices showed up in ST. Let me automation begin : )


I have redone the add GS from within Smartthings and now the bulbs show up in ST. Yay!

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I was looking at buying Globe products in Uk, but it looks like there’s only a couple of things in Amazon and that’s all.
Can somebody point me in the right direction if there is one ?

Can I resync my smartlife/tuya bulbs to the globe suite app and integrate it into smartthings instead of using a virtual switch through IFTTT to set automations? I see that tuya/smartlife has cut ties with IFTTT so I am trying to figure out another way to integrate these bulbs and plugs.

Unfortunately, no. During the beta., It was possible to use some third-party brands, but once they locked it down for official release the globe suite integration Will only work with Devices of their own brand. :disappointed_relieved:

Smartlife -> IFTTT integrations coming to an end!