Globe Suite and ST Integration

Got it thanks, I found it under the group adjustable color lights.


Don’t blame them for locking their app to support only Globe products. They are in business to make money. You want to purchase my devices you can control them with my app. They are not obligated to support every device that may work with their infrastructure. Same as many other companies that have similar products/integrations.


Anybody have a tutorial to recommend to integrate Tuya Devices into smartthings. Seems like DaveWolf20 is using this method. Not sure which “middle man” is being used.

Thank You

For my other tuya devices I used Alexa Routine and Simulated Contact Sensor.

It’s in the FAQ:

Integrating WiFi Switches/Plugs that use the Tuya SmartLife App or eWeLink app

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Thank You Dave

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Thanks JDRoberts. I did see this post but it just seems to point to other articles/guides which some of them seems to be out of date. I was more looking for a step by step like DaveWolf20 provided.

Trying to use webCoRE. Some time ago I went through all this and gave up.
In the ST IDE, under My SmartApps I have I have the 4 namespaces showing for WebCore.
I have the v3 ST app installed on my phone. In the SmartApps in the ST app I have my webCore showing.
I go into the app and click on Dashboard.
Opens it up and states how lonely it is. Two things below the sad face are what I believe is my ST hub and a home icon. Click on the hamburger icon and then on dashboard again and I seem my motion sensors and phone.
So now I want to see if I can get my lights working in ST.
Currently they are in the Lohas Smart app and in the Alexa app with the Lohas skill.
Do I need to add them to the SmartLife app in order to get to the next stage?

That is one of several methods mentioned in the FAQ. :wink: The step by step is in the FAQ for that method.

If your lohas lights will work in an echo routine (not a smartthings routine) then you do not need to add them to the smartlife app. :sunglasses: Just follow the instructions in the FAQ.

My sensors are showing in the Alexa app now.
I am confused. Have they always been there?
Or is this the WebCore Integration?

Anyway I can now use motion control to turn lights on and off etc.

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So really this whole delay was because Globe needed to figure out how to lock down the integration to only their branded products :joy:


I bought 2 Sonoff Zigbee plugs and 2 Sengled Zigbee bulbs. All works great with SmartThings and Alexa.

Now I’m stock with 2 Teckin plugs that do not work with Smartthings…

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Not really what I want though. I want to take advantage of the disk till dawn feature of smart lighting.
So in the SmartThings IDE do I create virtual switch or virtual motion sensor?
Then how to use this to trigger the Alexa routine?
None of this make much sense.

Which they don’t seem to have done so well.

That would be getting very far off topic for this thread, which is about the globe integration. So why don’t you start a new thread in the webcore section or the automation ideas section and then people can help walk you through exactly what you need to do for your set up. :sunglasses:

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I wonder how they determine what is a Global device. They sure benefit from the greater ecosystem. Does anyone know how you can tell? I know I have global devices. They don’t show up… In the global app they all look the same.

Their decision only breaks their ecosystem. Because USA consumers have absolutely no idea what is global and what is not.

Off topic for this thread, but you need to create a virtual device that looks like both a switch and either a motion or contact sensor (because Alexa can only trigger routines from either a motion or contact sensor, and ST can only change the state of a virtual switch automatically). Several ways to do this, here’s one:

It’s like anything else, Like telling whether something is Campbell Soup or Amy’s. The package when you bought it had the logo of the manufacturer. And in most cases the model number will be stamped on the device itself. Globe appears to also stamp their logo on most of their devices.


You can’t go just by looks because these days many electronics manufactured in China use the same external cases even though the internal design is different. It’s just a cost savings. But the model number will be individual.


Thanks. I actually managed to sort this about an hour after I posted. Something just clicked with my understanding of it :slight_smile:
Wish I had attempted it months ago instead of waiting for Globe Suite. Its a much better implementation.

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