Globe Suite and SmartThings Integration Complete

I was looking at buying Globe products in Uk, but it looks like there’s only a couple of things in Amazon and that’s all.
Can somebody point me in the right direction if there is one ?

Can I resync my smartlife/tuya bulbs to the globe suite app and integrate it into smartthings instead of using a virtual switch through IFTTT to set automations? I see that tuya/smartlife has cut ties with IFTTT so I am trying to figure out another way to integrate these bulbs and plugs.

Unfortunately, no. During the beta., It was possible to use some third-party brands, but once they locked it down for official release the globe suite integration Will only work with Devices of their own brand. :disappointed_relieved:

Smartlife -> IFTTT integrations coming to an end!

Wow. Well that’s that… I am going to have to toss these and go with TP-Link Kasa devices. Should have known better when I was trying to save a few bucks that it would’ve cost me more in the long run and waste more of my time.


I’m currently using Alexa instead of IFTTT for the workaround automation. Don’t know if you use her, but I assume that Google Home also has the same capabilities.

  1. Unfortunately, no: google home does not (yet) have the same capabilities because it does not yet have advanced routines like Alexa does. :disappointed_relieved: They have said they will be adding more capabilities this year, but not there yet. as always, the first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.“ That applies to voice assistants as well. So the sooner you get out of the habit of assuming that other models will work the same way, the easier your life will be. :wink:
  1. I already replied to you with this in a different thread, but just be aware that there are goofy things happening with the Alexa skill right now:

Goodness me, take a chill pill Mr Roberts, the comment you’re referring to was gently qualified with an “I assume” therefore clearly not purporting to be speaking from Moses’ tablet of HA commandments, this forum is a place for everyone, not just Oracle’s of infinite wisdom such as yourself.

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I’m really confused. I assume that you must have read something different than I did from @JDRoberts because I didn’t see anything in what he said that was deserving of your response.

Well, i got the ecobee with Alexa setup. Made some alexa virtual switches in ST and linked them up in Alexa. Works perfectly. Just saved my off-brand switches and lights from being useless.

Thanks for your help again.


Congrats! :tada: I’m so glad that little guide was able to help!

Ditto @lflorack that was weird… got all religious on probably the most helpful individual here. @JDRoberts please don’t let one-offs demotivate you from helping out here. We all truly appreciate it!

Having said that, I definitely agree with the notions above that Globe Suite app should lock out 3rd party devices in the same manner as they treat SmartThings. Why “tease” users with mobile app support of 3rd parties but then block that same support to ST… kinda of a strange to do that and sends a mixed message to users.

However, I’m a guy that can’t even get past the auth screen. Constantly getting “Invalid username or password” though I just registered and successfully in the mobile app, logged in, then out, then back in to be sure. Also changed pwds to make sure I’m not crazy. @Globe what’s the best way to get support on just the auth process as it’s failing me non-stop but the mobile app works?

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So I’ve read through this thread and am somewhat confused. I’ve connected my Globe Suite app to my devices and as you can see by the attached photo in the Globe Suite they are there. I can control them from the Globe app. When I go into SmartThings and try to connect them, I see the “Successfully connected” message but no actual devices show up anywhere. Is this the same issue with not having Globe Suite branded devices or something else? I thought my Tuya brand lights were part of the Globe Suite companies so they should work. What am I missing, please? Thanks!!!

Does this integration include the Globe brand sensors?

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maybe @Globe can tell us?

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agenovese820 I don’t think you are “punching your neighbor”. :innocent: I think neighbors should be nice to one another and share sugar as well as parking. Maybe you can help me with my problem. I have some Tuya bulbs. I think because bought them on Amazon and I had no clue these apps and bulbs didn’t play nice together all the time. I can control them on the Globe app but they don’t work on the Smart Things. I wish I could have everything in one place. Do you know how I can get these bulbs to work on Smart Things? If not, I am ready to buy bulbs that will. Can you suggest a brand? Or Better yet, is there a similar app to Smart Things were all “neighbors” play well together?

I’m not sure if I’m in the right forum, but at the risk of being vilified for posting incorrectly, here goes.

I’ve had GE switches everywhere in my house in Mexico. These are all neutral wired and work perfectly. Now that I have returned to the UK I want the same here. The UK doesn’t generally have neutral wires in the switches so GE is not an option. However, I found a company that claim to have UK specific switches without a neutral. I spoke to them before buying and they confirmed that they use the Tuya/Globe app and so work with SmartThings. I’ve now had one fitted and it works with the Globe app, but since I took them at their word, I’m now discovering that they do not work due to the reasons specified in this post.

The Globe app sees the switches and works fine. I go through adding Globe devices to SmartThings and it seems to complete successfully as I get the completed message, but the switch never shows up in SmartThings.

So, my question is, does anyone have a way to get these working? Bulbs aren’t the way I want to go since turning the switch off makes them useless. I want switches that automate properly.

My advice would be save yourself a lot of time and effort and just get Fibaro Dimmers that work without a natural. Assuming ST hasn’t also broken the official integration with the new app. Although I wouldn’t put it past them.

They may work with the Globe app, but they won’t work with the Globe/SmartThings integration as that is limited to devices of the Globe brand.

For a detailed discussion of UK switch options, see the following thread:

UK Light switches – My experiences (2020)

Thanks for the link JDRoberts. That’s a very interesting read. I’ve ordered a single gang Yagusmart switch from Amazon so I can try it out. Reading the thread I’m getting the impression that simple switches are straightforward but more complicated wiring isn’t so out-of-the-box simple.

To be honest, I’m a bit annoyed at the wifi-smart-home people. When I spoke to guy on Friday to try and get it working I got the impression that he wasn’t interested any more. He said that other people had got it working but that he’d get back to me. It didn’t fill me with confidence, and I felt that he knew it no longer worked. Probably my fault for accepting his word pre-sales.

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