Arlo and Smart things?

Ok so I’m new to the whole smart things hub. I have the version 3 hub and I’m using the new app that they told me to get with it . Can someone tell me if what I want done can be done using the hub and if so how I would do it .

I have 4 Arlo Cameras (2) original 720p ones and (2) Arlo pro 2 cameras .

So what I want to be able to do is when either my wife or I come home they won’t record motion but the cameras them selves will still be on. And also at 7 pm the cameras will start recording motion until we leave the house in the morning.

And on the flip side when ever we leave the house the cameras will record

Motion threw out the day while we gone .

Can this be done and if so how ?

Thanks in advance

This would be possible, but would require using WebCore to set mode based on your requirement instead of auto setting with Smartthings modes.

Hmm I’ll check that out . Not to familiar with webCoRE

Not sure how well it works with the new app, but I’m currently using the old app with ArloPilot ([RELEASE] ArloPilot - Enhanced Arlo System Integration)to change the native Arlo Arm / Disarm modes based on changes with the SmartHome Monitor (SHM) modes. By using the native Arlo modes the cameras are always motion aware and can be used to trigger other events. SHM is set to change its modes based on presence, time of day.

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