Question about new Arlo integration

Rolph, does this mean that you do not need the Arlo Hub? I have not seen the post you are referring to. Yes, it would be nice for me to free up a slot in my router if I can use the cameras in Smatrrhings without the Aro hub.

I have seen other posts on this topic that when there is motion at night the red infrared lights will turn on and be visible if you are using night vision and that is correct. On one hand it would alert the intruder that this is not a dummy camera if the camera is in plain sight, but it would also alert him if the camera was hidden. For my purposes I need the night vision turned on.

He is just saying he is using a power outlet to turn on and off camera, therefore he doesn’t need to connect Arlo Hub to SmartThings. But @Rolph if you connect Arlo to ST, you can do a lot more. For example you can use a different motion sensor to start a recording. You can view live feed in ST. You can set low battery notifications.

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I also think he is talking about the Arlo QT inside cameras that have to plug into an outlet to work. I don’t see any way to do this with the outside battery operated cameras.

No, I am using the Arlo hub, but if you do a search there was a workaround
back in 2015 I think. All I do is switch my hub on and off as needed with
Smartthings and let it do it’s own thing. The booting process only takes a
couple of minutes.

But doing so you cannot see who is at the door. My best booting time was at least a minute and because the cams were off, you don’t get a video to see at least who it was at the door…

Giving Arlo an Auto Home/Away with SmartThings

Totally agree, which was why I was disappointed. I don’t need to do that

One question. Do you see the recordings in Arlo and ST even if you switched the recording settings in the Arlo Smartthings Mode to off?

Yes…10 char

Forgot to mention that you can turn your Arlo cameras on or off using Alexa once they’re installed into SmartThings.

I wanted to monitor both my front and back porches for activity. After mounting the cameras I set the mode in the Arlo mobile app to “Smartthings” with both cameras off or disabled. In the Smartthings mobile app I use the “Good Morning” routine to disarm Smartthings and turn off the cameras and some indoor lamps.I use the “Goodbye” routine to Arm(Away) Smartthings and turn on the cameras to detect motion and start taking videos along with the indoor lamps. I do not set them up to give me an intrusion alert as they are for monitoring purposes only. I will get a notification from Arlo if motion is detected and will be able to view the recordings. I use the “Good Night” routine for Armed(Stay) which will turn on the cameras and by using a custom app I created will start recording, turn on the indoor lamps and send me a notification if motion is detected. This notification is probably not needed as Arlo will send me a notification so the notifications are redundant. I use the “I’m Home” routine to turn off the cameras and indoor lamps. I receive no notifications or videos in this state if there is activity on the porches,The cameras are off both in Arlo and Smartthings. In the future I plan to use some smart switches to turn on the porch lights when motion is detected to improve the night vision capabilities of the cameras.

I just bought three Arlo Cams yesterday and got them all setup. I setup Arlo Fresh and before I setup any rules in the Arlo App, I connected Smartthings to get “SmartThings Mode” in the Arlo app. I followed the instructions provided in post “286” on this thread: Arlo Cams coming in few weeks

So I was getting double notifications, even though I had notifications disabled in the Arlo App. This morning I took out the Arlo cams from SHM but I still have recording through SHM. I have my Goodnight routine set to Activate the cams. I have I’m back set to “Turn Off” I also have by Goodbye and Evening routine set to “turn off” the cams.

The issues I’m having is that I don’t think that Arlo is “following” the rules I have setup in Smartthings mode. I also get double notifications if I put the cams into SHM.

I guess I’m just very confused about this integration. In the Arlo app my rules are set to detect motion to record. But I don’t want it to record when I am home. Which it does. In the SmartThings app I have the cams set to turn off and on in the routines.

Can someone set me straight. Pretty sure I have things super confused!


EDIT: Thought I was on the right track. Set up custom SHM to record video and notify based on modes. In the Arlo app I set the “SmartThings” mode to not record and no notification. Tested it. Got notification via ST and video, however, the video clip failed to generate.

Next thing I know I checked the Arlo app and it said the basestation was offline. Which was odd. It came back up and I lost my “Smartthings mode” At this point, I am at a loss. This hasn’t gone so well. I’ve moved everything back to Arlo.

I am not sure why you lost your Smartthings mode in Arlo when the base station came back on. I would have thought that the two systems would have automatically reconnected. Firstly try to reconnect the two through the Smartthings app. When I went online to my Arlo account on my home computer in the past sometimes it would tell me that the base station was using outdated software and asked me if I wanted to update it. After I updated it, I did have issues where the cameras would notify me of activity but would not generate videos. I took the cameras down and played with them in my living room until I was sure everything was working properly then remounted them,
One other note - If Smartthings issues an intrusion alert in SHM you will be able to view the videos in Smartthings. If you have not set up the cameras to give you an intrusion alert you will have to go to Arlo to view the videos.These can take a few minutes to show up after the video recording has stopped.
I would, for now, leave the Arlo notifications on and name give the text message something like “Arlo Test”" to help troubleshoot the problem.
Once you have both systems talking together we can help you with the other problems.

Thanks Brian! I’ll be testing it in the next coming days and will report back. On a side note, I don’t think I want SHM to issue an intrusion, I’d like to just have it notify on motion and record video. So you’re saying in that instance I’ll need to go through the Arlo app. I can probably live with that until I get used to how things work between the two. I was under the impression that ST would record the clip and make it available when I setup the custom SHM rule.

I currently have two cameras that I want to use for warnings and notifications outside my home. For example the mail has arrived, UPS has left a package on my porch but left without ringing the doorbell or someone trying to pry open my doors. I am using the “Notify me when” app and the Security app. I do not list these cameras in either of those apps. I set them up to notify me only when motion is detected in the custom apps I created. They will notify me with a message I created, thurn on some indoor lamps and record video. These videos will not show up in Smarttthings for viewing and will not upload to Arlo until the recording is over. Then I must go to Arlo to view the images. The cameras are off in Arlo and the I’m Back routine will turn off the cameras to save battery life on the cameras. I do the same thing in the Good Morning Routine. Both the Night and Goodbye routines will turn on the cameras which will be in the Inactive state if you look at Right Now and the cameras will show ON itn the Things section.
Digest this and then we will solve the double notification problem.

I might be wrong about Smartthings not allowing you to view the recordings if the Intrusion Alert is not activated. I just looked at my history from the home page and all my test videos were there whether an intrusion alert was issued or not. I am also quite new to the Arlo integration and last week I was asking for help. Anyway, SHM is for issuing intrusion alerts. To get a notification only without an intrusion alert you must create a custom app. From the home on the little wheel at the top right and then click on “Custom” then create a custom app for each camera and set up what you want the camera to do and what notifications you want - although I believe that if you don’t specify any notifications Arlo will notify you if notifications are set up in Arlo. I have one custom app called Back Porch Camera and another on called Front Porch Camera.
I am sure there are more clever ways to accomplish this but this works for me and I am still a newbie to Smartthings.
A couple of other notes. With these custom apps i believe you have to arm and disarm from the Routines (Goodbye,Good Morning, Good Night and I’m Back, not from the home page. The cameras don’t come on for me if I use the home page to arm/disarm the system, (Arm (Away), Arm *Stay) and Disarm.
If you click on the little pencil icons in the Arlo app and become familiar with each of them you can increase/decrease the motion detection sensitivity and can specify the recording time for each camera up to 120 seconds.If you are getting notifications but no video you might need to increase the sensitivity to 100%. Also don’t expect the videos to show up in a few seconds. The videos don’t upload until the recording has stopped and then it can take a couple of minutes to show up in your smart phone. When you get an alert you can choose a live view, but I have not experimented too much with this.

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That’s exactly how I thought it should work too! Thanks for experimenting. I’m going to be putting my Arlo’s back into ST, tomorrow when I have more time, not running around with the kiddo after work. I think I ran into weirdness with my Arlo base station and coupled that with confusion :confused: I got prompted for some firmware updates on the base station and the cams.

Today I had a fault alarm from my Arlo motion sensor. Not the problem, but then I noticed that ST doesn’t actually record the requested 30 sec. I can only see a “pic” which is shown as a movie with a length of 0:00. In the Arlo app I can view the 30 sec recording but not in ST.

Can anyone else confirm this? Not sure if theses changes depend on any hub or Android app updates?
Last time I tried this out I could view the 30 sec recording in the ST app and in Arlo too.

Thanks for any comments on this

Hi Joern,
I just tested my Arlo setup and I was able to view the full 30 seconds of video in ST. Since you say that you can view the full 30 seconds in Arlo I am assuming that you set Arlo to record video for 30 seconds.

Hi Stacy_Butera,
I don’t know how things are going with your experimenting but if you are using my method of Custom configurations, I have noticed that nothing happens if I use the Arm (Away), Arm (Stay) and Disarm buttons on the Dashboard. I now have to do that from the Routines section to have it work the way I want. If you have found this to be the case or have any ideas how to get around this please let me know.