Official device type GitHub?

I was wondering if there is a GitHub repository of the official device types? It would be very helpful to see what each device type is actually doing (in the case of trying to mimic behavior in new virtual types).

Is this really the “official” repository? It’s a mess … :confused:

If you click on the “smartthings” directory inside “devicetypes” there, there’s a single file for each of the official device types.

It’s at least the “public” official one. It’s sort of a mess because of the whole name space thing. If you drill down into Device Types\Smartthings which houses the ST created ones, it’s well organized there


Okay, thanks for clarifying where the ST created ones are. Shame that ST doesn’t have their own public one with the actual production code. I get the feeling some of these are out of date (based on my own observation of device behaviors and recent changes made by ST within the last week or so).

Agreed, that is well organized in there. It was the rest that I was pointing out.

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SmartThings has never committed to making their own Device Type Handlers and SmartApps “open source”, unfortunately.

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That is unfortunate. It would be a great learning tool and allow the community to assist in fixes/enhancements. Maybe they will change this in the future when we can all demonstrate we (the community) are willing (and able) to help.

Sadly, it seems a lot of folks would rather complain than try and help. Then again, I’m new. So perhaps I haven’t been around long enough to notice all the helpful folks.

Thanks for the confirmation!

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Indeed… Sometimes SmartThings will accept Pull Requests from the Community.

The big challenge with DTHs remains: SmartThings is unwilling to support more than one “published” Device Type Handler for any specific Device Signature (usually manufacturer + model at most).

This means that there is no way to provide customized Handlers based on Customer’s preferences. Complex Devices have many features and can be represented in the UI in sloppy or elegant ways. Let the Customer decide.


I agree that giving the customer the choice is a good thing, but also having published in a public manner what the official device types are would still be helpful. Customers are still free to fork and modify as they see fit.

Thanks again!

Yup… And I think SmartThings intends to do this for the most part.

More concerning to me is that SmartThings does not lean towards publishing the more complex Solution SmartApps (Smart Home Monitor, Smart Lighting…).

Well, this is exactly what we use internally and externally.

You get what we get.


Go ahead:) those device types are the official device types.