Github integration link not showing up?

Am I missing something? I have logged into I dont see a My Smart Apps link. Should it be there?


Spoke with ST support. Apparently when I originally signed up for my ST account it asked me and I didnt choose to have it enable dev stuffs. Once you say no, it wont ever let you turn it on yourself. Support has to reach out to dev and they have to enable it as per ST support.

Seriously? How is that helpful?

I pressed yes on my github integration button, then checked on my locations and hub and they weren’t there, I then realised that my smartthings and samsung connect accounts were seperate entities, despite connect saying “One account for all”… because my smartthings connect account has the same email address as my samsung connect - I don’t think I’m seeing the the github integration button on my connect account.

as a result I can’t go forward anymore. And there is no way of seeing if you have enabled it… that is very short sighted for something so crucial.

So now I have to send a support ticket??

Hi - I have exactly the same problem after trying to set up CoRE last night. Did you get this resolved?

Yeah there’s a direct link in these forums somewhere (further up likely) that takes you to the page - crazy how it hasn’t been resolved yet.

Your issue is not the same as the OP. You are in EU where the Github integration is not exposed.