Github integration not showing update

I used to be able to update Smart Apps through the ST IDE…any new changes would show up, I’d like on them, commit to the changes, and I was done. Even though I’ve forked over the info from Github, new changes are not showing up in the ST IDE…any suggestions?

I have a question for you as my system recently started doing the same thing. Have you added any Samsung devices like a gear watch or any other device that have activated Samsung Connect app? My problem may have started when I added a Gear smartwatch to my Android phone. I now have 2 hubs showing though there is only one physical hub present. The phantom hub has no devices, but does have a location and it can’t be deleted. Samsung seems to know about this issue. There is a post on the forum mentioning this 2 hub issue.

No, I haven’t. No idea why it doesn’t work.

are you guys participating in the account migration beta? These are known bugs in the beta but I wouldn’t have thought they would push things out to prod yet.

Me neither. Thanks for the answer though.

Yea. My SmartThings/Samsung accounts are merged now, and that of course is the main suspect but why? Something is not linked properly obviously. I’d reset my hub if I could backup my devices and settings. I haven’t looked into that.

yes…I am

make sure you guys report this on the beta page, if you haven’t already, as its being monitored by ST closer than the community page.


The issue was the integration with the Smart app and the device handler…once I went in and associated each one of these with the correct Github repository, it worked right…thanks for all the input…

Several of us who lost their GitHub repositories because of the migration went ahead and just enabled GitHub again. I suggest you do the same instead of waiting for ST to get back to us. I don’t anticipate that they will be able to do much of anything in the way of restoring.

Enable GitHub
Recreate all your repositories for the SmartApps and DTHs that you have previously installed.
After you do that, you will need to edit every DTH and SmartApp you had pointed to a repository and add it in the Source Code Options and then Update

That will link your installs back to GitHub again.

Shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours at most, even if you have a ton of stuff installed. Takes more time to look up each of the developers repository information in the docs than anything else