ADT SmartThings Woes (April 2019) “Loss of Supervision” and trouble with Test Mode

Hey folks. Reaching out to see if anyone has gone through two problems I’m having with my ADT integration.

  1. System Test Mode - started some months back, I could no longer activate the Test Mode from the monitoring portal. I can click on the toggle all day long and nothing happens. If I call in, ADT has no issues enabling it from their end, and the portal will properly reflect the test mode status when they do. To take the app out of the equation, I logged into the ADT Canopy Portal from my desktop; it’s the same portal your redirected to via the app. No dice there either. I’ve tried barking up the tree with ADT’s tech support with no luck. It’s beyond the comprehension of most of the phone techs and they just default to blaming SmartThings.

  2. Loss of zone supervision - I installed contact sensors throughout the house in two waves. First floor first and the second floor a month or so later. A week or so after adding the second floor sensors, the panel started throwing an error that says “Sensor 34 - Loss of Supervision.” Anytime I arm the system though, it gives the announcement “Arming Stay Bypass zone 34.” I’m kind of lost on this one as I cannot find any references to a device 34 nor anything about zoning from the panel, app, or IDE configs. Wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar problem before I go beat my head into a wall dealing with ADT’s tech support.

As an update to item #2.

I called ADT and explained what was going on. The tech replied “we need to get SmartThings on the line” and immediately put me on hold. After about two minutes then SmartThings tech picked up the line and the ADT immediately dropped off the call…talk about abysmal customer service.

Ran through the whole ordeal with the SmartThings tech who was completely baffled. He created an escalation ticket to the development team. Somehow, they were able to identify a “ghost” device, akin to the issue with Z-Wave devices, and added a virtual device to replace it. They then sent me an email today directing me to delete the virtual device and see if the error clears. It did, but the caveat is that anytime I’ve added or removed one of the ADT contact sensors, the error clears for a few hours and comes back. I’m going to monitor for a day or two and see what happens.

Also, I did realize that the devices do show a securityZoneIds field when viewing the device properties, but that field isn’t available to edit. The virtual device that they added was also added to Zone 34, which was the problematic one. I asked if there’s a way, from the user end, to manipulate that data point, but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

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Still no reply on #2 and #1 has now resolved itself.