Ghost Multipurpose Sensor readings


I’m a new owner to the ST hub and there has been something lately that’s been bugging me with the multipurpose sensor and giving off ‘ghost’ readings’.

I’ve have it setup on my refrigerator door (because sometimes it doesn’t shut right and its hard to notice). I placed a smartapp that will alert my phone after 5 minutes of “Open” status on the sensor.

Trouble is, the sensor has been reading Open/Close messages during the day. I’ve noticed this while at work while looking over my notification feed. The time period is just seconds but it make me try to think of why its doing this.

I think it might be an issue of distance of the magnet because it isn’t touching its better half. It’s near an inch away. The space between the door and the refrigerator side.

I have yet to try out other ideas (small cardboard to get the two parts closer, or get more adhesive strips than what was provided, so I can move it over the edge a bit).

I’m the only one that lives in my apartment and my front door sensor never reads an open/close, so no cat burglars going to my refrigerator.

Has anyone else had false readings like this? Is it a distance problem?

Also when I do open the refrigerator door, the feed says that the sensor goes in the status 'Active" and “Inactive” and back to “Active”?

1 inch is probably too far apart, I’m actually surprised it’s ever closed. But there are other possibilities. It might take a look at the following in case he give you any ideas (this is a clickable link)

And all of that said… It’s really weird if it’s reporting open and then closed again immediately throughout the day. To be honest, that sounds more like a defective device. It can happen.