GGE Zwave Wall switch intermittant

I have a GE wall switch that shows ONLINE in the IDE but will respond sometimes to on/off commands from the app. Tried ZWAVE network repair but fails. Seems to have happened after the last firmware update. Since it is intermittent and only updates status when I don’t get “network status error” it is hard to troubleshoot. Anyone having the same issue with a zwave device?

Is it a Z-Wave or Z-Wave plus model? Do you know the model number?
The older z-Wave models were notorious for dropping off the network, the newer z-Wave plus models are much more stable.

The network status error in the app is not related to the switch, its an issue with the smartthings server not responding or having connectivity issue with the mobile app.

It’s a Zwave plus model. I think both are server issues from the app. I have a Smartthings button setup to turn the switch on/off and it doesn’t work. Worked great when I first set it up. Have another timed routine setup that turns the switch on, then off several hours later, turns it on, but never turns off. Have lots of repeaters within 10ft so can’t be a comm issue. Something is amiss.