GGE zwave 3 way dimmer switch AUX distance

(Coolcatiger) #1

My AUX and main switch are on different floors , I dont know how cables are run but it could be easily more than 25 ft long.
When ligh tis turned on and press AUX switch the light starts to flicker. It does not turn it off. The AUX switch does not turn ON the switch.

I guess disatance is an issue … any advise ?

(Todd Wackford) #2

Dimmer switch or On/Off?

I had same problem and it turned out to be the master switch. I swapped it with new dimmer and it worked fine. Took the original dimmer and relegated it to a standalone location.

(Coolcatiger) #3

Did you replace both master and aux ? with same kind or different model ?

(Chrisb) #4

For what it’s worth, I just looked through my install guide/manual for my 45612 switches. There is no reference to a limit on distance from the aux to the main switch.

As you sure you have the Aux wired correctly? I’ve believe I’ve heard reports that if you don’t have your switched wired properly to neutral it can cause some flickering.

(Todd Wackford) #5

I replaced the aux first and had same issue. Swapped the master and then all was good.

(Chrisb) #6

Just another bit of data… I installed my 45612 with an AUX switch. The distance between switch has to be at least 30’ when taking into consideration going up and down walls. Everything works fine.

I think twack idea is the correct one to follow here… try replacing the main.