GE 3-Way issue with the Aux

I’m curious to see if anyone has had a similar issue. I have a 3way dimmer set up with the main on the 1st and the aux on the second floor. The main works fine with dimming/on/off. Aux however, strangely enough, can turn the lights OFF, but cannot turn it back ON. I’m using Vera Lite.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that before. Just to be sure, this is a wired 3-way AUX, right? Not a wireless setup?

I’d strongly suspect a mechanical problem with the AUX. The “on” switch contact might just be broken. If you have another AUX in the house, try switching that out with this one and see what happens.

The good news, if it is a broken AUX, is that the AUX switches are relatively cheap.

Thanks for the quick response - but that’s not it. Just changed the aux with a brand new one and the same issue. and yes, they are WIRED 45612/45610 pair.

Okay… well, stranger and stranger then. Have you tried replacing the Master? I have heard of people having issues with those, though not this specific issue.

I had the same problem. After searching around I found someone else who had the same problem due to not wiring the main switch correctly. I thought mine was wired correctly for sure, but when I double checked I think I found that I had switched the load and line wires. Once I switched them around it worked perfectly, so double check your lines.

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Have you tried pulling out the air gap switch, or cycle the breaker?

so for an update, the solution end up being what Andy suggested - load and line were reversed. I had also read somewhere that for the main you dont need the neutral wire (with the new GE z wave dimmers). In my case that was not true. I needed neutrals both on the main and the aux.
thanks all -

This thread is quite old but I am having the exact same issue and wanted to see if I can find some help. I am at this point feeling quite confident that my wires are correct. The main switch will turn the light on, off, dim with no issues. I can do this with the z-wave control as well as the physical wall switch. If I use the AUX switch and the lights are off, they will turn on. If the lights are on, nothing happens. I don’t believe that the line and load are wired incorrectly because where the main switch is installed, the load is shared with another switch (standard on off non z wave at this point) and that switch works properly. My traveler wires are both purple running between switches but I verified that they are indeed correctly wired. At this point I am just thinking the off switch on the AUX is broken but I wanted to see if anyone had another though. Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated!

I pulled out the meter and did some work on what I see. It makes no sense to me.
Main switch in Off:
Line: 120v
Load: 0 v
Traveler: 120v

Aux Switch when main is off:
Line in(?): 120v

Which makes sense to me.

Here is where it gets odd.

Main switch when power is on:
Line: 120v
Load: 120v
Travel: 120v

Aux switch when main is on:
Line in(?): 0 volts

Stupid me. If you have 120v leaving a wire and you don’t have 120 v on the other wire, then its not completing a circuit. Such as, the light was wired backwards (color wise) and thus I had the neutral of the switch in the positive of the light. Simple lesson of watching wire color in the box more than wire color of the light. Maybe this will help someone else who slips up like I did one day.

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