GE 45613 does not turn LED's bulbs completly off

I have a couple of GE zwave 3 way dimmers (GE 45613 kit which includes the GE 45610 and GE 45612 switches ) installed and am now switching from incandescent to LED bulbs (GE BR30). Each switch runs 5 lights, when I turn it off with the LED bulbs 2 of the lights remain on at a low level.

Is there a different switch or LED bulb I can use to ensure they turn completely off and there is no flickering?


That switch only works with incadescents. You will need the GE 12724 for LED. This switch also requires a neutral wire, so check for that in your switch box.

Thanks for this info, can this be used as a 3 way switch?

Yup. Although i’m not sure if the old auxilary switch works with the new master switch. Might need to look into that.

Thanks, will pick one up and let you know if the aux works