Getting Wind Speed from Web Weather Service

Did everyone just loose interest on getting local wind speed data or I just can’t find it?
I want to be able to read wind speed data from the web, any service really, that is available in Dominican Republic (Weathere Chanel, Wunderground, and the like). In the end, I want to read wind speed and be able to roll up or down the shades. Any advise guys?

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Have you looked at using this Edge driver?

Yet another weather driver (but for Edge!)


Thanks!! Yes I did! For this to work I need a PC or Mac running always and I would prefer SmartThings to go fetch that data from web.

If anyone can help Id appreciate it much!

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There is only the one option in ST that @h0ckeysk8er mentioned.

You can connect to Weather Underground using IFTTT.

Pick a wind speed, and write an Applet in IFTTT to trigger a ST virtual switch called High Wind or what ever. Then use that virtual switch in ST to trigger a ST routine to close your devices.

You get 2 free applets in IFTTT.


Brilliant! Thanks Paul! I will give it a try! Not sure how to create a virtual switch in ST. One question, do you know how long responses take in IFTTT? I read somewhere it can take up to 15 minutes. Again thanks for your solution! A definite step forward in the direction Im looking for.

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If you have a ST hub, you can install an Edge driver like vEdge Creator that can create various types of virtual devices that run locally on your hub. If you don’t have a hub, you can create ST cloud based virtual devices using the ST Advanced Web App or the community developed API Browser+.

Unfortunately weather updates are not going to be instantaneous. IFTTT probably only updates their weather data every so many minutes. So the 15 minutes you read about might be reasonable or it could be worse.

Another possible is to use Olisto which has a ST integration. It is a Dutch service similar to IFTTT, and it is Free. You use it the same way as IFTTT, and need a ST virtual switch.

They use Foreca for their weather data, which I believe is European. Foreca has weather data for the USA, but I don’t know about the Dominican Republic.

I don’t know what there time delays are or if they are better or worse than IFTTT.