Getting started with a copied device--help needed

I’m trying to get my feet wet with device types. To start, I created my first one from the Ecobee Thermostat sample. I make the required edits for name, namespace and author, and self-published the device.

However, after I update the device type from my default Ecobee Thermostat to my unedited copy of the same, the device doesn’t seem to function properly anymore. The tile on the app never actually displays the current temperature (as it did before), and the tile isn’t clickable.

I assume this “sample” is the code published in the ST GitHub folders.

Is there more to it then using the given sample?

eta: I added some debug logging to the generateEvent() code, and it seems that data is pulled, so why is the tile in the app misbehaving?

eta: I looked at the device in the classic app, and it displays fine and works. Why isn’t the new app working? Very odd.

The new app doesn’t work with most custom apps and dth’s.
Stick to the classic app