Created new thermostat device, but GUI doesn't change


I created a new device type in the API for my thermostat, using metadata code from this community. I edited/updated my thermostat “device type” to the new device I created…but the GUI/tiles on my phone haven’t changed. It still looks like the standard Zwave thermostat device type, and still works. However, the device type does show to be using the new one I created, and events show a polling action (which was also added in the new metadata).

Any ideas? I made the change last night…rebooted my phone, etc. No change.



Bueller? Anyone have any troubleshooting tips? I’m stumped.

(Mike Maxwell) #3

Yea, interface changes to a device type require killing and restarting the app.
Code changes to the device don’t require this.


Thanks Mike. I figured out the problem…it was me. I was expecting a different change in the Tiles, but upon further investigation there was no code for the Tile I was expecting. Now to make modifications :smile: