Getting odd behaviours from Z-wave devices

Ok so i had a new fibaro sensor today which I cant seem to pair with smartthings. I then noticed something else odd that my yale keyfree lock is updating smartthings when i used a code to enter or when i open it from the inside and it relocks, but I cannot get it to unlock from the smartthings app. The live logging is also showing absolutely nothing, not even the refresh call. I tried rebooting the hub but that didnt do anything. Any ideas anyone?

I have recently been having a few issues with some of my switches as well. Rule machine doesn’t seem to be working well either for me.

So i did a Hard reset, removed the power and battery backup of the hub for 5 minutes and hooked it back up, That seemed to do the trick for most things, Only odd thing now is my fibaro motion sensor got picked up as a z-wave open/close door sensor :confused: i changed the device type in the ide and lux and temp is working, but motion and vibration are stuck as active. :frowning:

EDIT: I since found the fibaro issue was due to the fact I had V3.2, and i needed a new device handler. all sorted now.

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