Z wave repair on Fibaro Devices, multiple errors (April 2019)

I have V3 hub and about 30 FIBARO double switch ZW5 and 7 FIBARO shutter 3 ZW5.
I had multiple problems with Z wave repair with a lot of errors (unable to update neigbhors, unable to create new route and unable to delete old ones),
there isn’t a single device that creates errors but a lot of tham , and the errors migrating between different devices.
I recently excluded all the devices from the hub, reset all the devices and reincluded them (not at once). at first there was an impression that the Z wave repair was fine but later again errors apeared and now there are about 40 errors per repair and the mesh malfunctions.
I don’t have any ghost devices.
Do you have any idea what can be done?
thank you

They were recent changes to the Z wave implementation in SmartThings that is probably causing some of these errors. See the following:

thanks, I hope so, it’s a real nightmare.

Do you have any news about this issue?