Getting New Devices Linked to Alexa to Show in SmartThings?

Just installed as Kinghtsbridge external Wi-Fi socket and linked into Alexa but not showing up in Smartthings as a device(s). Do I have to do something ? I already have ST linked to Alexa so thought new Alexa devices would appear in ST automatically ?

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It is a one way integration. Devices in ST will show in Alexa but devices in Alexa do not show in ST.


So I can create a virtual device in ST with a matching one in Alexa then link the Alexa virtual device to the Alexa Knightsbridge socket ?

You would create a virtual device in SmartThings and then use a Alexa routine to keep the Kinghtsbridge in sync with the virtual device in SmartThings.


Hmm. So I have created a virtual device in ST replicated into Alexa using the vedge creator. Also 2 Alexa routines to turn the Knightsbridge socket device on and off if the Alexa virtual device closes and opens respectively. I can run these routines directly and they work. However when I change the Alexa virtual device to closed or open the routines don’t seem to fire so nothing happens !?
What am I missing ?

When you created the virtual Alexa Switch did you go into setting for the Alexa Switch and select “Separate Contact”?

Then in Alexa did you use the “Separate Contacts” as your trigger? Don’t use the contacts that are an integral part of the Alexa Switch, they are unreliable.


Not seeing any such setting for the virtual switch in Alexa ?

The settings are in SmartThings

Create virtual Alexa Switch

Open devices tile, go to settings

The new contact will be named as follows

Find that device in Alexa to trigger your Alexa routine