Virtual Switch, Alexa and Ifttt

I was just trying to do something but I’m not sure why it doesn’t work.

What I want to do is: if I turn on a Shelly relay I want also other lights from other manufacturer to turn on. To do that I was planning to do this:

Create a virtual switch on smartthings, then create via ifttt a condition where after receiving a request via a webhook I turn on the smartthings switch. Then I create an alexa routine that turn on lights when that virtual switch is turned on.

To do that, I gotin the url and created a virtual switch, then linked the smarthings skill to alexa and created a routine that fires when that switch is turned on. Everything is great till now. The problem is when I try to use ifttt. I get the smartthings app and connected to ifttt. It shows my location (Home) and then ask me for permission to handle virtual switch. But when I try to use the “That” in ifttt and turn the switch on I don’t see any device in the dropdown list. Why?

I’ve seen someone claim he had to go into IFTTT via the ST mobile app and authorise the devices to be used there, even though it seems like they should be authorised already.

I’m not an IFTTT user so wouldn’t know if that is plausible.

Thanks, I tried that authorizing even via the app but nothing changed. Really don’t know why. This functionality if It works is outstanding As It let you control routine without using voice and I don’t know any other method to do that

You have to authorize the individual devices in the ST App. They will not show up in IFTTT if you don’t select them in the ST App. I’m using Classic in the below Screenshots.

I did that but still I get the Options Unavailable in the dropdown

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Try it again. This time unselect them all and press save. Wait a couple of minutes and then reselect the ones you need. Be sure to press save.

If that doesn’t work then deauthorize and delete app then start the process over.

No luck, done both things but nothing happened, maybe I’m missing something. The strange thing is that alexa show those virtual switch correctly and they behave fine. When I deauthorized and deleted the sT app in ifttt and then authorize it again it shows me those switch, but then when I’m trying to configure the “That” they disappear

I might find the problem and I’m really sorry because it’s very very stupid…
searching for a method to do that I found smartthing that I have as I own a samsung phone but never used it. I didn’t realize that maybe I need a phisical hub to do that even if the switch is virtual and even if it already does work with Alexa. Maybe IFTTT need the hub for some reason. If that is the reason I think I should buy a samsung smartthing hub. Do you think that is the reason?

That’s most certainly the reason.

Ok, I’m just trying to be sure before spending some money for the hub. It’s strange that for alexa it’s not necessary but it is for IFTTT. Anyway I think I might buy one samsung hub and try for example also an aqara door sensor

Unfortunately no… I purchased a samsung hub, configured it and still ifttt does the same… I really don’t know what to do

So if you use ST as the IF, the virtual devices show, but if you try to set them as the THEN, there’s nothing?

No I don’t see them at all.
There is only a strange thing: I have 2 locations, one is Casa, only my smartphone is connected to that, the other is Home, and it’s where I have my hub and my virtual switch. I linked ifttt to Home (I did it again just now to be sure), not to casa. If I select smarthings as the IF I don’t see anything if I choose switched on, closed, and even Temperature or humidity (I have an aqara sensor that I bought and it’s working), the only thing I see is in the presence where I see the smartphone (that should be in the Casa location!). So I’m wondering if there is something wrong in that.

Do you know how can I move the hub from one location to the other?

Tap the 3 bars in the top left, and it’ll display what hub you’re connected to. It’s also a drop down to select other locations.

After doing so, try creating a new virtual switch so you know it is set with that location. Authorize services with IFTTT. Authorize the virtual switch to IFTTT. See what you get.

You should be using to access the IDE. There are multiple shards and different accounts are assigned to different shards. Using the “graph” address is taking you to one specific shard that your account may not actually reside on. Using the address will direct you to the actual shard that your account resides on.

This may or may not resolve your issues but will at least remove the possibility that you’re creating your switches on a shard that IFTTT isn’t looking at.

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Well this is a real nightmare…
I was able to reset the hub and associate it to the casa location. Then I reset the aqara sensor and associate it again. Then I recreate the handler and the simulated switch in the Casa Location
I get to IFTTT and … wow they do appear! I was thrilled. So I created all the procedures I want to do, configure the webhook, then I get to Alexa and … no sign of those simulated switch. It can find them. The one in the Home location I was able to find, those new … nothing
I also realized that the aqara sensor is useless in Alexa as it’s not recognized (it is instead by smart things)
I’m really lost now

I would love to but when I try to connect it just hangs

Try using incognito mode in the browser, clear your browser cache. What browser are you using? The address you are using is for shard 1 and I suspect that your account isn’t on that shard.

I don’t know what shard 1 means…
Anyway I open an Icognito tab in chrome, then tryed your link and still hangs, then I searched on google for account smartthings and in the list I click on the first result that redirect to

Maybe it was just the https missing
Anyway now, after login, it redirects to

so now what I should do?