Getting Google home or amazon echo to tell you if some one is present (on the basis of the presence sensor)?

Can anyone advise if and how it is possible to get Google home or Amazon Echo to answer a question like “is Robert in” on the basis of a smart things presence sensor?



I know Ask Alexa can do it. Pretty sure Echosistent can do it, too.

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Yep. There’s no way to do this with the official integration, but there are two community created smartapps which allow you to ask Alexa questions of this type, “AskAlexa” and “EchoSistant.” Both have a fairly complex set up, but the developers are active in this community and will be glad to help you.

You can find both of them on the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki in the project report section on the list for “voice.”

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If asking Alexa ‘who is home or not home’ is sufficient, then EchoSistant can do it. If you need specific to the person, I think you can set up a macro in ask Alexa to do just that.

Actually, @SBDOBRESCU you can ask EchoSistant this…

Alexa, ask home is Jason here?

No, Jason is not home.

Try it!

You can also say,
Alexa, ask home who is home…

And she will tell you everyone that is present


oops, we put so many enhancements into it, this one totally slipped out of my mind. :smile:

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Lol… I forget what’s in there to!

@rbannocks EchoSistant will definitely do what you want and more.

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And if you haven’t figured it out yet, @bamarayne and @SBDOBRESCU are the codevelopers of EchoSistant.

@MichaelS is the developer of ask Alexa. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the call out JD! Ask Alexa can do this presence check very well with customized output.

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