Smartthings presence on Echo Spot?

My wife said she has been seeing a notification on the Echo Dot next to our bed when someone comes home recently… I can figure out where that is coming from???

The Amazon Alexa App, perhaps? (i.e., why do you presume it is “SmartThings” presence? …?).

Do you use Life 360? They are among the few skills who push notifications to Alexa.


Life360 does send notifications to the Alexa message notifications queue but Alexa will start the message saying “From Life360 …”.

What exactly does Alexa say? [I note technically you didn’t say Alexa said anything, but I assume that it does say something if you ask it for notifications]

If his wife is like mine, she blames everything on SmartThings, even when there’s a power outage and the TV doesn’t turn on :smile:


I only presume it is from ST as the person it is saying is home is on another hub that I was assigned to. It is odd that it is the only presence it notifies for…

Dont Judge, the device does not look this dirty/dusty in normal light this is with flash… lol. The notification does not give much detail other than “Erin’s Home”… Not sure how to debug further, as this person is not part of Life360, IFTTT, etc…

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Oh, so you literally meant she saw a notification. But, um, you can’t see anything on a Dot. What you have is a Spot.

Go to the Alexa App and choose Skills from the hamburger. See if there is one related to presence, like Presence.


Too late! You may not be judged for the dust, but you’ve already been judged for “seeing” things on an Echo Dot. Lol… You might have a card in the Alexa app that may tell you which skill is coming from.

Reach here but is your spot connected, via Bluetooth, to your phone or a device that has notifications from SmartThings turned on?

Meaning, do you have a SmartThings rule that notifies you when Erin arrives? Putting those two together, that might be plausible…

I only say this because my Fitbit watch shows me the notifications from SmartThings as it is connected to my iPhone via Bluetooth.

Sorry, Spot not Dot… lol. I checked the Alexa app and saw no cards for the notification, and no skills for presence.

Maybe it’s this (taken from Amazon’s site)

If a household members or contacts grants Drop In permissions, an indicator on their Echo Show displaying whether someone is nearby your supported Echo devices.


hmmm, that would be odd… lol. They live a few miles away

I would ask Amazon support and see what they say.


Oh show it’s showing that someone who doesn’t live there, or does and is currently not there as being home? I wonder if it’s the same thing. Is Erin set up as being able to drop in on your devices?

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That seems the most likely explanation (or some variation).

The Spot is just saying that “Erin is at her home” and available to be “dropped-in upon”. It doesn’t say Erin is at @pmjoen’s home!

That’s not an Amazon feature that I’m aware of, And it seems like it would get pretty overwhelming if your circle was very large. Have you seen that described as an active feature somewhere?

I copied what I found from Amazon’s site. It does kinda seem that is what it is doing. Who knows.

It does that on the show when people are available to drop in on, you can turn it off in contacts I think.


I will check with Amazon, thanks for the feedback from everyone. She was not set up for drop in.

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