How about a "Who's Home" SmartApp/Routine/Widget?

I see myself opening SmartThings frequently to see who is present at the house. This got me wondering if it would be possible to have a Widget that I can press and get an SMS message telling me which presence sensors are home.

From my understanding of SmartThings this would have to be a SmartApp that is connected to a Routine and that Routine is then set into my Widgets. is your answer here. Just make a dashboard with all of your presence sensors on it, and link directly from your phone’s home screen.

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And if you’re really daring… you can do it the way I just set mine up.

I have the Amazon Echo integrated deeply into my system.
I also have an android app called “Roger” that allows me to talk to Alexa and get responses while away from home.
I just finished setting up the AskAlexa smart app written by @N8XD (well, not finished, but I did just finish the presence sensor parts of the code).

When I’m at home I can do this -

Me: Alexa, ask home for the status of my family.
Alexa: All family members are home (if they are all there)
Alexa: Jason is not present, Justin is not present.

When I’m away from home I have several options:
1 - look in the ST app
2 - look at my Life360 app (I use this integration instead of ST because this one actually works)
3 - tap on the Roger app on my phone and talk into my bluetooth.

For option #3 - I say exactly what I said above and I get a response back in a few seconds telling me what I want to know.

So, Now

  • I can access Alexa remotely and use voice control to control my home.
  • I can ask Alexa questions and get feedback from my home automation system through her

I can ask her what the temperature is in the baby’s room… she responds
I can ask her what the thermostats are set to… she responds

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I find it easier just to get notifications. Then I know when kids have arrived.

If you are on android you can get sharptools. With virtual switches you can have a presence widget right on your phone screen.

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One more option,

Anyway to get smarttiles to display on my iPhone’s lock screen?

Not that I know of. Home screen is the closest I’ve gotten: