Does Google Home know the status of sensors?

This might sound terribly lazy but here goes. Say you have a sensor on your garage door and you’re at home but not near your phone. Is there a way to ask GH if the garage is open or closed? I run into this sometimes at night and have to get out of bed to go see if it’s closed or not. Would be simple just to ask GH.

Not at the present time. Echo can’t do it either with the native features. However, a couple of community members have created a very nice smart app called askAlexa which let you do exactly this with an Alexa device. :sunglasses:

We will have to wait until the Google home API is released in December to see if anything similar will be possible with that device.

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Great. Thanks.

And that same author (me) will be releasing Google Home Helper this weekend…it doesn’t directly give you this functionality, but you can generate reports that go to other ST Connected speakers…

Should be out by the weekend…here are the docs for that:


Thanks Michael. I will read through your link. Can you tell me an example of what you mean by “generate reports that go to other ST speakers”? Just not sure I quite understand. I appreciate your time.

I believe he is stating that rather than Google Home responding to answer your question, it will ask SmartThings to check on the status of your device, and then output the data (the sensor’s name and status) to a speaker that is connected to SmartThings (using something like LANnouncer if it’s not a directly connected speaker)

Correct…or Sonos Speakers…

Gotcha. Thank you.