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A few days ago the connection between Smartthings and Philips Hue went missing.
It is no longer present in the Smartthings app.
Meaning that I cannot control any Hue lights from Smartthings as I have managed to do for several years.

Trying to reconnect Philips Hue hub with Smartthings results in error message 34-302.

I have tried several times to reconnect, with the hubs really close to each other.

The green light on Smartthings hub V2 is flashing as it should when in pairing mode. All the blue lights are solid on the Philips Hue hub after disconnecting and reconnecting ethernet cable. After I press the button on the Hue hub it takes a couple of minutes and then there is an error message on my smartphone saying: There was a problem connecting to the device, Try again. Error message 34-302

The Hue hub is still present as a tile in Smartthings but is not showing under Linked devices.

Please advise what to do to get Philips hue to reconnect to Smartthings.

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