Getting a Z-Wave or ZigBee SmartLock -> SmartThings how it all works

Battery life is a very debated topic because there are multiple factors that go into battery life of a lock. For deadbolt operated locks the motor will consume more battery than the type of module will make a difference. It’s extensively discussed on this topic here with recommendations on battery types to use for locks and more: [RELEASE] Low Battery Notification with Customizable Alert/Warning/Monitor, Configurable Thresholds and Device Monitoring Alerts

Coming to the brand, Schalge is a great brand but I would recommend a Yale (which also comes wiht both zwave and zigbee) over Schlage unless you specifically want a feature that Schalge (like the built in alarm or notification beeper) which the Yale doesn’t have. Overall Yale is far more flexible than Schalge (e.g. Auto lock relock timers, pin code lengths) and Schlage z-wave modules have a bug which can cause quite a headache if you frequently reprogram codes on your lock and your z-wave mesh is weak (see why you need buffering repeaters especially with Schlage locks due to this firmware bug).

Take a look at the table in the first post here which compares different lock features and also has tips and recommendations on various lock brands:

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