Get ready to make the switch!

I’ve made the switch. This was my third attempt. Things aren’t fully working yet and I’m trying to find sustainable solutions for some old behaviors:

  • I had a bunch of alerts (just notifications) when certain doors or windows were opened for more than 5 minutes or if there was movement in the kids after 9pm. I can replicate this behaviors with automation, but I’ll have to have one per sensor in order to distinguish the notifications.
  • Changing the home mode based on a number of different conditions currently require multiple automations. Also, a bug that if you had the mode as a condition you can’t add it as an action. Doing it the other way around works.
  • No way to see if users are at home or not. Makes it hard to figure out why certain actions don’t run when people leave/arrive.
  • Why was the delay on SMH triggering the alarm removed? That by itself was my singular motivation to move to the new app.
  • Notifiy to arm/disarm on arrival/leave is kind of useless. My kids aren’t going to be able to distinguish that notification from the other 100 they get while getting back from school and I’m not going to spend a minute loading the app to disarm it in the car before arriving home.

Things are a lot better than before, I’m trying to be optimistic. If you’re phasing out smartapps, introduce JavaScript based advanced automations (with a functioning sharing/community feature) to cover the gap that’s so obviously there…


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Will Routines in the Classic be transitioned into Scenes and Automations using the “transition tool”?
Yes. The migration tool will break routines into component scenes and automations.

Oh and what about behaviors? Could you please give us an update, if there have been any changes?
The goal of limits and guardrails is basically to make sure that we don’t get a device or smartapp spamming the platform with events and degrading stability and performance. We try to set what look like reasonable limit levels based on the data we see on our end, but if you run into issue, please surface them in the community and we can look into changing things. We’re 100% behind supporting the community and our power users as much as we possibly can.


The end is near…


Hate to pile on here @blake.arnold, but this isn’t true. The automation creator checks within the scene for device and mode conflicts too :frowning:


Currently I’m still using the classic app and SHM to record video clips with my Arlo cameras. Will this feature be added to the new app?

As of right now I can only turn my cameras on and off with the new app. @blake.arnold


Someone said this started working last week. Arlo was pick able from the record option in STHM.


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We feel the same way too. Looking at the metadata, most (not all) of the custom DTHs out there would get the same functionality from an ST approved DTH. That said, we know that custom DTHs are the secret sauce on the platform for more advanced users. With the architecture of the new app, UI metadata is required to get custom capabilities to render properly and frankly the current UI metadata architecture is a real pain to work with right now. We’ve been redeveloping that for a long term solution and some interim tools to help get users some more functionality in the meantime. We’ll make sure it’s fully there and documented before we consider deprecating classic.


I’m curious if there support for the daikin dth that allows daikin ductless units to be controlled in the new app?

luckily it sounds like there is months of time before Classic is totally deprecated.

  1. The Rule API can see cloud devices, so hopefully the Rules API version of webcore comes out sooner than later
  2. if this is a cloud integration, then it’s up to Nexia to support. Although it sounds like ST has had some issues in early January with other cloud integration too (Kasa and Merros)

Thanks Nathan - we did that outreach last year and plan to continue to listen to the community as we go through the transition. You’ll notice there’s no firm end date on this yet because we know there will be some additional needs uncovered as we hear more from the community. I’ve added your specific concerns to our list for discussion with the team.


How about controlling child devices? I have an Inovelli NZW37 dual plug that I can only control individually in the Classic app. The new app requires both plugs be turned on or off at the same time.


Will there be support for the daikin dth?

Thanks for the feedback Alex - I’ll make note of these and discuss with the team. Regarding your second point, see my response to JDRoberts. We’re working on mobile presence - I agree it’s got room to grow and needs to get better.

While they are looking at things, while voiceover navigation is generally much better in the new V3 app, there is no way to use smartlighting to set a timed schedule. :disappointed_relieved:

See the black box by the start time? That’s all you get, there’s no way to enter or select a time.


I’m using a custom device handler and SmartApp to control my alarm system, essentially this one:

This allows the smart home monitoring to also work with my alarm system through REST calls.

Is this going to continue to work in the new app? Because if not then I need to leave ST and move on to a self-hosted solution.

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There’s not as much granularity as the classic app has.

For instance, in the classic app I can set my cameras to record only during certain modes. With the new app I can’t do that. I can also set them to record for a certain amount of time it does not look like I could do that with the new app.



@blake.arnold thanks for the answers and prompt responses! I’ve just started using new app in conjunction of classic app since last November, so far so good.

However when I did the same thing for my wife’s account (also Samsung account as a member to the hub), she’s not able to see all the scenes and routines available to her Google Home app, which on my Google Home is fine. All of these worked before we installed new app. Is this a known issue? This probably isn’t the right place for my problem but I’ve posted a thread and unfortunately no one answered.

Scenes not showing up on iOS Google Assistant

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Do I take that as a no?

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The default Aeon Mulitsensor 6 DTH is so basic its embarrassing compared to @erocm1231
Same for @RBoy DTHs compared to stock

Default Hue support still not having group/room & scene support :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :disappointed: