Get ready to make the switch!

The classic app still works

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I deleted it months ago. So far new app still works fine.

When it actually does stop working, does anyone know how it will happen?

The app won’t load/open up?
The app opens but is non-responsive?
The app opens and displays a message that it is offline?

I see it is still available to download for both android and apple.

I am sure ST staff know but us mere mortals do not.

my guess and only a guess is it will log you out and not allow you to log in

it was earlier when checked but you are welcome to check the app stores :slight_smile:

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Just deleted it, New app seems to still function as it did. I changed one location to Hubitat a couple months ago, got another still on ST, for now.

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And another outage this evening… isn’t that nice.

There have been way to many outages lately.


Any official statement yet about why Classic is still online?

No and you probably won’t get one. It will either all at once sometime stop allowing you to login or things will just start randomly failing inside the classic app.

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“Enjoy it while it lasts”?


ICYMI, here’s that official statement


Thank you HalD

Yes, here

ah, they got smart and are taking the gentle kill approach. LOL

Quick question on the migration:

I have not used the migration tool, but have been using the two apps in parallel and have

  • deleted all routines in Classic (and recreated Scenes and Automations in the new app to replace them)

  • changed presence settings, so that my (phone) location for ST comes from the new app (instead of Classic)

  • not been using Smart Home Monitor

  • not been using any smart locks

All devices work in the new app (some custom DTH show up different or weird, but I can live with that).

Do I still have to execute the “migrate now” tool in the old app?
I am a bit reluctant to just do it, as I put quiet some work into the (manual) setup of the new app and do not want it to be reset or changed by the migration tool.


You should be good. No need for you to use the migration tool since you have already done it manually.

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For what it’s worth, I did all the same things you mentioned. I think I had even uninstalled the classic app.

When I got the email about migrating, I went ahead and did it. There were no discernible effects.

No guarantees, of course.


Yes… this one drives me nuts. While I’m driving away from home it was very helpful to see that I left a rear window ajar (don’t need to turn around) vs. the front door (I need to go home) - Without having to open the app and scroll!

Almost as bad as going to clear an incident and only being told “a text message was sent”!

I still have one of my motion sensors that keeps showing offline in the api and app. However, it registers all activity, just shows offline until motion, then goes back offline after motion. Support has not been able to help. I moved it next to the hub so it only has the single connection, same results. Only happened after migrating. I have three of the same models only one is messed up. Already tried resetting as well. No luck.

what brand and model number is the motion detector

Bosch * model: ISW-ZPR1-WP13

Had a custom device handler before migrating. After migrating it had the SmartSense Motion applied. I have switched it back and forth but still offline. My other two, same model are fine.