Get ready to make the switch!

interesting, i have 17 of these, some outside, and they all migrated over with the custom dh. look in the ide and see how they are linked back to the hub, directly or if they go thru other powered zigbee devices.

This one was going through a plug, but I moved it next to the hub, rebooted the hub, and it still shows offline, but still detects all motion. Shows direct connection to the hub. I since moved it back as it didn’t make a difference. Still show offline.

i would change the dh back to the custom dh. also, slide open the back and try pressing the tamper a couple of times. still if not, then take the top 2 of the 4 batteries out and put them back in. else, remove and re-pair by sliding open the back and taking out the top 2 batteries and then hold the tamper down and re-inserting the top 2 batteries with in 15 seconds.

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I actually reset the device by following the instructions (crazy battery priority) and that still didn’t fix it. I will try the old device handler, although the old one does move it back to cloud instead of local.

Is the IDE going away at some point? Concerned that I could be stuck with one device type and need to change it in the future.

Yes, ST has announced that sometime in 2021, the legacy Groovy IDE will be shut down.

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So at that point there would be no way to switch the device type…

We really do not know what will replace the Legacy Groovy IDE at this time for Hub-Connected devices (at least I don’t know :wink: ) Samsung has been a bit quiet regarding any details in this area, and with their apparent move to get out of the hardware-side of home automation, perhaps they expect their WASH partners to deal with it? Just a guess.


After weeks of back and forth on migration, the date came and went fine… new apps been fine, however today everything went “offline” and the new app shows the hub as offline, its not offline as third parties such as Alexa can still control things tied only Smarrthings hub. I suspect my link between my account still didnt migrate properly now Im totally orphaned. First sign something was wrong sirens started going off today randomly.

What region are you in?

Just went offline for me as well. Internet is still working. In the US

I’m guessing the SmartApps and DTH Groovy code tabs might go away, but maybe be the rest of the IDE pages continue to exist (or move to some other place, like in the app).

That would make sense, but I’ve learned not to apply sense to these “evolutions.“ :wink: For example, it would’ve made sense that device history would be available somewhere after migration, and it just isn’t. And it took about four years before we got lighting groups back after the 2015 changes.

We will get what we get when they give it to us. :thinking:


The legacy IDE is going away because there won’t be any legacy services for it to act as the IDE for. So you won’t have device types to change, at least not as they are now.

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I am having a terrible time with my new Samsung Q 70 T. Alexa will not turn on the TV, nor will she open applications such as Netflix or prime video. She does not recognize any installed applications like sling or spectrum TV. I have contacted Samsung and smart things and have received no solution. I contacted Alexa support to make sure it was nothing on their end and they said SmartThings is responsible for enabling the commands and Alexa is only the middle person. Alexa keeps saying that we don’t have any enabled video skills when we ask her to perform simple commands such as opening Netflix. The TV actually turned on one time when we asked Alexa to turn it on and I was surprised.

We have the smart things app and Alexa installed properly, the TV is named TV, we have enabled everything we need to. It seems SmartThings it’s just not reliable. Is there any fix or update coming? It’s disappointing to not be able to utilize the intuitive features of the television. Currently we are going to take this television back and purchase a different Manufacture since the smart things and Alexa was a huge deal to us.

Edit: We have had some luck saying, “Alexa open Netflix or prime video on Samsung TV”. But we have to see it specifically like that or it will not open.


I rang support they did some soft reset and it all came back! Also seemed to fix several sonos speakers which constantly show as offline previously

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Is there a reason the new app requires Android 7+? My Nexus 5 still worked fine with the old app but the new app cannot be install on it.

How can I customize Device Handlers if I do not have an organization. The new developer account gives me the following error message:

Not Supported in Private Workspace

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Finally head back from SmartThings about my motion sensor showing offline but working. Again, this only started happening after the migration and only on one of them.

“Thank you for writing back to us.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Upon investigation, I would like to inform you that, all troubleshooting has been done for this sensor and your other sensors are all behaving correctly. So, at this point, the best thing to do will be to replace the sensor.

We would recommend you to use a SmartThings motion sensor .

Feel free to write back to us for any further assistance.”

PFFT! thats the standard brush off.

I know… no help from ST. They used to be helpful.