Get ready to make the switch!

The new app is a memory pig, so I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

But I don’t think that’s the issue. The Samsung 2019 Tab A has 2 GB of RAM, which is the same amount as my Amazon Fire HD 10 has, and the new app is supported there.

I was just guessing why Samsung’s own tablet, not even 2 years old, current droid OS, can’t run the new app. I can’t even try it, so I asked for the APK file so I can try a manual install.

“Support” (funny name title, really) just says if the Play store says unsupported, oh well (shrug).

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First off, I understand your frustration on the hardware side of things. I’ve run into this myself in the past, which is the reason I now have an iPad mini running a web-based dashboard in my front-hall… it won’t support just about ANY apps out there as the apps have gotten significantly more advanced, require more memory and more processor power. Right now the SmartThings app only support Android 7 and higher - I’m looking into why the 2019 Tab A doesn’t show support for the app as it looks like it should meet minimum requirements.

We try to support as many devices as possible for as long as possible, but at some point we have to end support for certain devices because they don’t have enough memory or processor power to handle the advancements we’re making in the app. In that sense, yes, it is a matter of physics, literally.

Same issue, in a way, for the Classic app, I’ve mentioned before that it runs on a separate architecture which causes us a lot of problems. We can’t leave that operating as it has a negative impact on the new app as well and requires engineering resources to maintain it. While a lot of people knew and loved the Classic app, it’s a weight on the entire platform and preventing us from providing the stability and features that our users are asking for.

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We are definitely listening and incorporating suggestions from the community into bug fixes and feature enhancements. Community posts (positive and constructive ones especially) get a lot of discussion time among the product team.


Feature request
Screen rotation on phone, tablet does it but not samsung s10 ??

Unless I have missed a setting somewhere in which case apologies

It seems I’ve missed some huge changes and only realized this whole getting rid of the classic app today, since I don’t really use the app itself, except for my 2 switches. The new app of course shows absolutely zero warnings about anything like this happening.

@blake.arnold So, how can I get Aqara switches like this working properly?

Screenshot from 2020-11-05 21-53-57

The new app just registers double & triple clicks / 2nd button as the same as first one and just makes a huge mess. I don’t even dare to do any migrations, because I only have 2 buttons in the classic app, everything else in the new.

I’m pretty sure I’m using this at the moment: Original & Aqara Xiaomi Zigbee Sensors (contact, temp, motion, button, outlet, leak, etc)

So you’re saying the old app interferes with the new app? Letting the old app run shouldn’t require engineering resources because it could carry on “as is” and “no support.” I really can’t fathom why that is so impossible. Have me click an agreement in the classic app to do so. And there are tons of examples of old apps still chugging on.

OR. HERE’S A BIG IDEA, how about a website where I can log in and operate my hubs??? Ring has that.

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If you read @blake.arnold 's posts carefully, he is saying that the new App platform and the old Classic App platform are two separate environments which complicates both the development (engineering resources) and support aspects (engineering resources need to be involved whenever there are escalated issues) of the overall ST environment.

It’s normal for cloud-based SaaS services to make major changes. The problem here has been the lack of parity. We can’t know why they chose to re-do/re-write everything on the back-end requiring a totally different service layer, but that’s the path they took. And clearly they are laser sighted on dropping the old in favor of the new. So long as they keep chasing bugs syncing the platforms (you wouldn’t be happy if your old unsupported platform started doing weird things because they took their eye off it), they will be losing engineering resources to moving forward with the new platform.


Please, please, please add fixing momentary buttons and child devices into one of your bug fixes, many thanks!


Feature Request:
I just noticed recently that when I open a Scene for editing at the bottom it lists which automations the scene is linked to. This is a big help for debugging. Can the same thing be added to Devices? It would be great if there were a list of automations and scenes that control each device. I have >55 devices and a growing number of automations, debugging is becoming very tedious jumping back and forth between the various screens.


Just to clarify – automations (as in new App Automations) AS WELL AS Smart Lighting automations (really any Smart App reference to the device)


What’s broken with child devices?

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Guessing how some child devices are now showing like this. Well, it’s been for the past few weeks.

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That’s because of your DTH
Search my previous posts to find a thread with the fix.


I also posted the fix on the power node topic yesterday.

After making the change you need to delete the child devices and let the handler re-create them.

My minimote button controllers work, but in the new app the device displays a single button labelled standby. In the classic app the device displayed all the buttons and you could control things.

Is there a replacement device handler which displays the minimote buttons like the classic app?

Sadly we have lost the custom GUI for these remotes. I always uese KYSEs Remote DTH. I think this is due to the custom cpabilities not being implementet yet.
We also need the original dev (or an adopter) to update the DTH or it goes nowhere.

Get used to that, especially in the coming year when Groovy is sunset and all custom code needs to be rewritten.

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If I switch to KYSEs Remote DTH, does it have a custom GUI which displays the buttons for the minimote?

No. When the old app was turned off that ceased to function.