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I subscribe to that and I haven’t had any of the e-mails.

Just curious, how many hubs are there online around the world?


might be in your spam folder or your anti spam is blocking it.

I just migrated. Was able to get a clean migration once I removed references to the old Smart Home Monitor. Have questions about new app.

  1. Can you not use the new scenes to set the new SmartThings Smart Home Monitor status like you used to be able to with routines?

  2. I understand that you can no longer use 3rd party apps to set the status of the new SmartThings Smart Home Monitor, but, can you read the status of it? If so, what is the variable?

  3. Under the old SHM, you could choose actions to be taken when an alarm occurred such as triggering sirens and lights. I see no settings for that here. Do they simply trigger all sirens? Or did I miss a setting somewhere?

Thanks ya’ll.

Routines Are replaced with a combination of scenes and automations. See the community FAQ

FAQ: How to Run Scenes and Automations (New V3 App) (2020)

you can use a combination of automations and scenes. find what works for you.

You can use virtual devices as a go-between STHM and 3rd party apps to achieve everything.

open STHM and click on the cog in the upper right of the screen and select set up responses in each section. You can set up sms if available in your region, push notifications, lights being turned on and audio


Thanks. That’s what I need for now!

What time today is it expected to happen?

Just going to put this here…

“We are very careful about what features we add because we can’t take them away.” – Steve Jobs

tiptoeing away very quietly now. Shhhhhh! :wink:


Still 1 question. Can we read SSHM status variable from an app? If so, does anyone know the variable?

For reference, SHM status could be accessed using: location.currentValue(“alarmSystemStatus”)
This variable now reads as, “unconfigured”.

ST does not expose STHM state at this time to 3rd party apps

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The SHM value was undocumented. The STHM value is hidden for security reasons.

People are doing one of two things.

  1. if you happen to have a one to one correspondence between your location mode and your security mode, then you can just have an automation that changes the security mode as the location mode changes. this seems to be what a lot of staff have done.

  2. If you have added additional custom location modes, like “guest” or “dog walker,” that may not work. In that case, people are typically using a virtual switch as a proxy so they set the virtual switch and use the virtual switch coming on As a trigger for an automation that sets the security mode.


I came home today, and most of my lights turned on after I activated a scene in newApp that had nothing to do with lights! And trying to piece together what happened from the crappy logs, with all the good logging deprecated from Classic and the IDE… fuhgettaboutit.

Classic poltergeist. Revenge of the Classic nerds.

Yeah. Why, remind me?

Oh yeah, I’m part of the group whose opinion is too small to count. Almost forgot.

Well, I like to be counted, so I am going to bother support now. Every little thing: Ticket.

EDIT: I received an auto-reply “Kindly note that our reply may be delayed due to a sudden volume increase.” There is joy in being counted.


Totally forgot about all this…I’ve been using the new app for a bit as well as classic. Get the banner to migrate this location in classic. Do I actually need to “migrate” since I’m already using the new app??

See this is concerning because I used the app to migrate and I still get the emails. Well…I guess I won’t after today.

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AFAIK, only if you have routines and/or SHM running in the Classic App. If not, then you should be good to go.

Thanks - I recreated my automation in the new app so I guess I’m good.

Goodbye classic…sniff


It’s well into 10/15/20 (15/10/20) and it still works! O.O

did the kill switch fail?! LOLOLOLOLOL


My morning sarcasm for today:

It was probably suppose to be triggered by a hidden Automation in the new app, and given the reliability of those lately, it probably failed or it will run when we least expect it to…