Get ready to make the switch!

Manually selected the sensors as I had it in the classic.

If the devices are not appearing in the view sensors sections… the two things to check:

  1. make sure you configured things properly .
  2. uninstall the STHM smartapp and reinstall in menu > SmartApps > more options (3 dots in the upper right of the screen) and select delete and choose STHM. Then you will need to configure STHM again.

Here is the important part of what @Lars found regarding the New Alexa Skill not displaying certain ST Devices due to special characters in the Manufacturer’s name field.

Ignore the Tuya/Smart Life comment from @JDRoberts as that is not applicable to your situation. However, you mentioned the following…

Which may very well have some special characters in the Manufacturer’s Name Field…

I hope this helps to clear up what I have been trying to explain.


Thanks for the info, well interestingly it seems to have come into the app on its own. Not sure if it was the same issue as you described or another thing all together. But its there now after a couple of days. I’ve re-added it to its group and its now working.

Hope they get the other issues fixed soon.

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Just got another reminder via email from ST that Classic is gone as of Oct 14. Not that I expected much else.

But I guess ST is just barreling along choosing to ignore the major issues that are happening right now …

The mood in here is bad enough right now. Come Oct 14, unless ST somehow pull some miracle and fix the current mess I can only see the community getting even more upset.

How on Earth, with the fact developers are scrambling with an ALPHA system for custom stuff that barely works can Classic be shutdown?

What happened to the promise of parity before the legacy app was taken away? Not to mention automations based on presence are flakey at best right now (kinda fundamental to a smart home, no?).

The message being sent to me right now, a user who has used ST for over four years and has an extensive set-up is “we frankly don’t care.”


Yeah I agree with the frustration and wish some of the bugs in the custom CLI were worked out before they sunset the Classic app. Barring the lack of video/picture controls (which I’m told is in works), I’m able to get controls working with the new app. Infact I like some of the new controls like the steppers and lists which didn’t exit in the old app which make for some nice ways to interact with DTH’s. There are many bugs to be sorted out (@jody.albritton) but I can see the potential in this and I love the dynamic features like conditional visibility, dynamic control values, automation conditions and more which (when they eventually all start working) can make for a very powerful and custom UI, much more than the Classic app could offer.
While making the UI for the Classic app was much simpler, one of my biggest challenges with the Classic was to make a custom UI for each device in a single DTH, this is something the new app can do in a much easier way (and there’s more to come I’m told). I’m also waiting for custom icons and other things to make it more attractive. There are pro’s and con’s to the new vs the classic, most importantly there’s a learning curve to the new app UI development.
Here are some examples of what we’ve been able to put together in the last few months (not all the features are there yet, but they’ll start coming in):
[RELEASE] Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Device Handler - Centralite, UEI, IRIS, Xfinity, Scout
[RELEASE] Heatit Z-Smoke Smoke Detector Alarm device handler (Official)
[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler
[RELEASE] Virtual Garage Door Opener/Controller with Relays and Contact/Tilt/Door Sensors


Simulated Contact Sensors cannot be toggled in the new app. In the old app, you could toggle the open/close. Now, it can only be done programmatically, and that only works half the time.

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Of all the pain, this is the worst for me. Not to mention support treats you like an idiot, and ST won’t even acknowledge that there is an issue with presence triggered automations…

If moving a hundred plus devices to another platform wasn’t such a pain and I wasn’t so exasperated between this and the Alexa nonsense, I’d be long gone by now.


Everything that could possibly go wrong, is going wrong, the firmware, the migration, the new app, automations, the custom capability tools, the broken promises, broken custom dth’s, Alexa transition, presence sensing, the list goes on for quite a while.

They are clearly not ready, and we are clearly not ready.

I don’t see how with all this mess, and Support overloaded and already not functioning satisfactorily, that they will persevere and close the Classic app in 2 weeks time, and cause more problems for themselves and make a lot of people even more unhappy. I think they see what’s going on, and will delay the migration to prioritize fixing stuff, and only migrate when everything is stable, working and … ready.


Exactly. Please ST, listen to your community and #DelayTheSwitch


could it be all the cheap outsourcing that is causing all the trouble. things operate differently elsewhere.

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I’m being forced to recreate a new account because Samsung created a UK account for me when my account was migrated from Smartthings account. I have a US hub, so why would I create UK account? And with new app I have issues because previously my account was UK and get region errors. So to fix the issue supports answer is to create a whole new account, using new email alias and redo my entire setup of 80 devices. Sounds easier to move to another platform at this point. Maybe I set region wrong, but Samsung allowed it either with SmartThings account or with migrated account, they knew I had a US hub that I was registering. I’m a long term customers that is being driven away.

@jody.albritton Please, please help us address this. I’ve seen many others with this region issue, I think this was account migration issue. Tickets #1042034, #1014933


Since you have already created the tickets that is the first step. I am also tagging @SamsungZell to give visibility.


so why havent they created a way to take a snapshot image of your setup for backup so that when shit like this happens you can easily load that backup and be up and running in minutes.

@jody.albritton @SamsungZell the issue with automations with presence triggers not running reliably is also a major issue. I’ve had ticket # 1046818 open for over a moth and support has been totally useless. Anything you can do to get that escalated would be much appreciated.


Same. Had to research and setup Webcore to get presence automations to work, but this is not ideal.

What happens if you don’t “migrate” will all accounts be forcefully migrated? If the classic app stops working is there no longer an option to migrate? From that point on a new account will need to be created?

What happens if you try to create a new Samsung account with a legacy ST account email (post migration)?

I imagine your account will continue to work but only with the new app.

Two things could happen if you don’t act by the shutoff date for the Classic. Either ST forces the migration automatically or no migration occurs and you will need to set up STHM, and all your automations manually.

Your devices are already in the new app :slight_smile:

Let’s hope they don’t force a migration. Some of us choose to not not migrate and just move everything over manually.


Grrrr I really thought it’d be mostly smooth by now. I spent an hour last week cleaning up most of the mess in the Alexa app caused by the new skill (still have lots of dupes and missing some routines). Now I migrated and find that NONE of my automations or smart apps have moved over? WTAF? I guess my day is set for me tomorrow, rebuilding everything from scratch. Had I known, I’d have plunked down some money on the alternate hub and started from scratch there.