Genie SilentMax 1000 Garage Door Opener

So, I have a Genie SIilentmax 1000 garage door opener. I was wondering if there is any device that will work with that and Smarthings. I tried the linear device already and don’t want to do any soldering or hacking. I’ve looked at MyQ and it sounds like it might work with the door opener but not SmartThings. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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I just put in a genie stealthlift. I have the linear device wired to the wall button. Works like a charm. No soldering needed.

Any details on exactly how you accomplished this (where to connect wires)… I recently moved into a place with An Odyssey 1000 from overhead door which i think is just a re-branded Genie SilentMax 1000. I think I could do the soldering on an extra remote control as suggested in other threads, but would like to see some details on this approach first as it wouldn’t require buying an additional remote (or two)

Just an update… I also ordered the Linear / GoControl device and it works out of the box with my garage door opener. I installed it on the ceiling next to the opener and plugged the two wires into the same spots as the existing garage door opener and both work as expected (center two holes of six - I left existing wires plugged in, just plugged in the new ones into the same holes along with the existing wires)

What type of garage door did you use the Linear on? I did the same on the craftsman garage door that responds to the open close connections on the linear. However on my new Odyssey 1000 it is a different story and didn’t work. Looks like those wires are not open and close. There is variable voltage used to determine opening and closing from the wired trigger on the wall to the Odyssey controller. I’ve been unsuccesful in determining how to integrate the Linear on this type of garage door. I’ve not seen any setups in any forums to determine how to get this working on the Overhead door Odyssey product.

I hooked up as described in my previous post… I think one of my two openers had some difficulties with getting a good connection with two wires inserted in the connector on the opener, but a little fiddling and testing with a multimeter got it working.

I can snap a photo when I’m home if that helps? …if you don’t see it here in a day or two, don’t hesitate to remind me!