Gear 1.2 - Release Notes - 02/24/2015

SmartThings version 1.2 includes bug fixes and overall performance improvements for enhanced stability. Below is a more comprehensive list of the changes.

Fixed: S-Voice Button, Location Switch Buttons are moved to the center of the bottom custom bar.
Fixed: Background color when no background images present is now black.
Fixed: Launch icon is moved to the center.
Fixed: Change to block screen time out when voice recognition is in progress

S-Voice Button changes to blue when pressed, and changes to white when released. When it starts recording, the icon changes to red when start recording. It changes to a different image (analyzing) when the S-Voice starts to analyze the command.
New Pop-up (“Ooops! Command cannot be recognized! Please try again!”) appears when the S-Voice can recognize what the user is saying but the command does not exist in the system nor the server.

Wha app is this? I’m not familiar with it.

Samsung Gear S, a wearable

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It’s a limited function version of the official ST mobile app that is downloaded via an android phone to provide some ST functions on a linked Samsung Gear S watch:

Any plans to support the Samsung Gear 2 Neo?

I can not understand Samsung / Smarthings. There’s is an app for the Apple Iwatch but none for Samsung Gear Neo 2. I would like to see the notifications sent to my Note pushed to my watch.

You mean like Android Wear already does for the rest of the mainstream Android Wear watches?

My watch just said that my ST Hub is not registered and to do so in the app on the phone what dues that mean.

Have you solved the problem???