GE Z-Wave Plus Dimmer only reflecting off state in app if you use the switch

I have 4 GE Z-Wave plus dimmers. One of them works fine. The other three have issues where if they are turned off using the app or using google assistant the app still shows them as on. If I click off a second time it will then show them as off. If I power them off using the switch itself the status is reflected properly in the app.

I am using Nuttytree’s DTH but I did try moving one of the switches back to the generic DTH and it had the same issue. Are the switches defective or is there sometihng I can do to remedy the issue?

I have 3 Z-Wave Plus and 5 non-plus dimmers all using the stock “Dimmer Switch” DTH and do not have this issue with any of them. I can’t imagine you have 3 bad switches. I mean it’s possible but highly unlikely.

I’d switch them all to the stock Dimmer Switch, run a Z-Wave repair, and retest. It does sometimes take a few seconds to update the status. I’m using all mine with Alexa but it should be no different then GH.

Look at the last post in this thread…

You just need to modify the DTH a bit and you’ll get it to report correctly.

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It’s worth noting that delayBetween() isn’t working reliably right now. Adding time may have no impact.

Fair enough. But it worked for me.

You’re seeing the desired results, but many Z-wave devices are able to respond in rapid succession to commands, while others are not. Another factor is the number of hops from the hub to the device which has a huge influence on timing and performance. Unless you’re logging the actual times the commands are ACKd to the hub, there’s no sure way of telling whether delayBetween is working, or if the device is simply able to respond to the commands quickly enough to give that everything is working.

This issue has been reported in another thread here and is worth noting here should others not see the desired results.

This worked, Thx!! Still doesn’t explain why 1 of the 4 was working prior to the change but at least it’s all good.

And just as a side note its not that they were slow to update before, they were never updating the off status prior to the change.