GE Zwave no load

So I just installed an Innovelli Zwave fan + light controller where I had a double switch (1 for fan and 1 for light). There was a second line wire for the fan control (red) and another (black) for the light. I only needed 1 for the new switch and controller. The red one I wired back to a second switch with a neutral tied in so there is no load on that switch. Its a GE Zwave switch.

My question is did I do that right? It seems to work, it has power and still works in my hub. So my plan was to use that to control the bedside light via the hub. I’m just concerned that there is no load and no way to disable the mechanical relay. At least I can’t find a way to disable it.

Thoughts? TIA

I have a few “no load” GE switches in my home. Like you I wanted a switch that I could control another via hub. All good and nothing wrong with doing this.

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I as well and no issues either.

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