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No, the GE add-on switches are not load controlling switches and they don’t have a radio in them, so they are completely invisible to smart things. They communicate with their own master GE switch through a physical traveler wire, and all they’re doing is telling the master switch to turn on and off. It’s the master switch that controls the load.

You would use a second master switch to replace the other switch that is controlling the other two lights.

You could virtually link them together in any of a number of different ways through SmartThings.

The newest GE switches, the Z wave plus models that start with a 14 instead of a 12, have a double tap feature in some models. That would work very well for zone lighting where a single tap turns on all the lights in the room and a double tap turns on just one zone. Or vice versa. Whatever seems more intuitive to you. But again you would use a GE master at both locations as both need to be load controlling.

Thanks, I already found the answer, I have to buy two GE switches and use my automations to handle it. What a shame. Have the new switches been released? I haven’t been able to find one.

They are not yet released (I know one member on here did get a Z-Wave plus Dimmer early, though).

EDIT: I stand corrected. They are released, just not widely available.

They’re officially released but haven’t hit most of the distribution channels yet. A few people were able to buy them, but they’re not widely available yet. Should be soon.

Amazon has a placeholder page with some reviews. You can sign up there for an email once it’s in stock.

LOL if you are in a rush and got the money, here is one for you but check out the price :slight_smile:

just got a laugh when I saw it

Thanks, I am on the list but in the mean time I ordered six at 7,000 each what a bargin. Ha Ha.

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