GE zwave classic generation prices starting to drop

The new GE zwave plus devices are starting to hit the market. These model numbers begin with 14. Consequently, prices on the previous generation, where the model numbers start with 12, are beginning to drop at multiple retailers.

Both Wal-mart and Amazon just dropped the regular price on 12724, the dimmer switch, to $39.50

That’s not the lowest price it’s been in the last year, because it sometimes goes on sale, but it’s the lowest regular price.

I expect to see these continue to drop over the next few months, but I also expect to see them start going out of stock as they are eventually replaced by the 14 models.

So if you’ve been waiting for the new zwave plus models, I expect to start seeing them in stock in the next two or three weeks.

And if you’re looking for bargains on the previous generation, start your engines. :wink: Now it’s a race between falling prices and following stock levels.


I hope so. I have pretty much replaced all main-use switches with GE classics and I’m now waiting to fit out things like closets and switch over three bedrooms that have single-gang fan/light combo switches to dual-gang smart dimmers/fan controls and I want to finish out with the classic line. I have no use for Z-Wave Plus.

Just waiting for another sale and I’ll jump in and get my last 14 devices.

Oh, I want 9 outlets too for holiday lighting, LOL.


Nice! Do we know what additional features other than z-wave plus the new GE switches will have?

There are some differences, you just have to check model by model. For example, the new 14294 dimmer switch has a double tap feature built in. :sunglasses:

If you are looking for some really good deals on these, buy some $15 off $50 coupons on ebay, and put in store pick up orders at lowes. I recently put in 9 online orders at Lowes for the 15 dimmers/switches/fan controls/add-ons I needed.

Lowe’s has their GE 12722 at $38 nationwide . There are some localized in store sales for $30 & $35

GE 12722 is the binary on/off switch. It’s typically a couple of dollars less expensive than the dimmer (GE 12724).

Yes, I know, The dimmers are still showing as $43 nationally, I don’t see any local discrepancies. HomeDepot has dropped the 12724 to $39.50, so Lowe’s should follow shortly or pricematch

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I’ll be checking my local Lowe’s locations daily for price drops on these. I need four dimmers, four toggles, two add-ons, and a fan controller to really complete my setup.

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The issue with Lowes is that they get the same hardware, but in a different box, one that says “works with Iris.”

I could be wrong on this, but my guess would be that they will be the last to drop the price on the 12 models, and that when they do it will be to a clearance level. But we’ll see. Maybe they have to watch the price competition anyway.

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Based on documentation, it appears that the new GE Z-wave plus switches support double tap and association. I have not tried them out though.

Most Z wave plus devices are now required to support group one association as a “lifeline” group with the central controller (in this case the hub). They won’t necessarily support association with another end device, such as for a virtual three-way. So you need to read the association specs much more carefully for Zwave plus devices to see exactly what functionality is supported.

So the GE plus 14291 with the statement below. Does it mean no device to device association?

" This Device supports Lifeline (association group 1) supporting 1 node for lifeline communication. Group 1 must
be assigned the Node ID of the primary controller where unsolicited notifications will be sent. The Z-Wave
controller should set this association automatically after inclusion. Lifeline association only supports the
“Device Reset Locally” function. Refer to the instructions of your controller for any available details on how this
can be set. "

According to the association documentation:

Group ID  Maximum Nodes  Description
1	      5	             Z-Wave Plus Lifeline, Multilevel Switch Report
2         5	             Support Basic Set and is controlled with the local load
3	      5         	 Supports Basic Set and is controlled by double pressing the On or Off button

From their manual

Z‐Wave Association Statement
• This device supports Association Command Class (3 Groups)
• Association Group 1 supports Lifeline, Binary Switch Report
• Association Group 2 supports Basic Set and is controlled with the local load
• Association Group 3 supports Basic Set and is controlled by double pressing the On or Off button
• Each Association Group supports 5 total nodes

This is a case, which sometimes happens in pre-release, where two pieces of documentation are contradicting each other.

@navat604 is referring to the product manual filed with the conformance statement.

@jhamstead has listed the table from the “association capabilities” form.

I’m not sure which is current for the device that is coming to market. I didn’t look on the Jasco site, did somebody check the manual there?

I took that from the jasco manual site.

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OK, I’m guessing the one In the manual from the Jasco site is correct, just because it is using the correct Z wave plus verbiage, and the other one that @jhamstead quoted is using Zwave classic verbiage. So even though that one appears on the official Z wave alliance site, I’m guessing it’s left over from a different model. ( also, the 14291 is not a multilevel switch, so that verbiage shouldn’t appear for it.)

But we’ll see once it’s actually released.

The 14291 has a placeholder on Amazon for $39.99. Available in 2-4 weeks.

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These have been periodically shipping out from Amazon. I’ve seen the placeholder for at least 4 months. Bought and had one of these shipped from Amazon in the beginning of December.

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If anyone is interested in picking up GE 12722 for low cost, you can try buying on I was able to buy x5 switches for $31.67 per device.

I had never used their service before now. They offer an introduction discount of 15% off first three orders (capped at a max discount but good for these types of purchases). They also reduce price based on volume and other opt out features.

Just search on jet and see if you can snag for saving.